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A long time optical recording and repeated reproduction of multimedia information is possible. Using a printer system or printing process system, on a recording medium such as a sheet, the so-caled multimedia information in the form of dot codes (36) together with images (32) and characters (34) is ...

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A laser beam, the wavelength of which is modulated periodically, emitted from a variable-wavelength semiconductor laser (11) is intensity-modulated periodically by an attenuator (12). This laser beam is separated into optical paths (13a, 13b) by a beam splitter (14) and applied via the optical path ...

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A membrane protein related to human programmed cell death (PD-1) and DNA encoding the said protein is new. PD-1 protein may be useful for the treatment of various infections , immunological depression or acceleration, or tumour etc.

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In picture decoding from compressed data, a noise component is predicted for each pixel and noise-free original picture data is derived from the predicted noise component and the decoded picture data. An activity calculation circuit (11) derives the horizontal activity (i.e. variation in luminance m ...

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A method and system for automatically allocating space within a data storage system for multiple data sets which may include units of data, databases, files or objects. Each data set preferably includes a group of associated preference/requirement parameters which are arranged in a hierarchical orde ...

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Disclosed herein are therapeutic treatment protocols designed for the treatment of B cell lymphoma. These protocols are based upon therapeutic strategies which include the use of administration of immunologically active mouse/human chimeric anti-CD20 antibodies, radiolabeled anti-CD20 antibodies, an ...

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A composition for treating surfaces of copper or copper alloy which is an aqueous solution comprising: an azole compound, a copper compound dissolvable in the solution, an organic or inorganic acid, and a halogen ion. The composition can exhibit excellent adhesiveness to solder resists and provide r ...

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A bolster adjustment mechanism (12) for a vehicle seat assembly (10, 70, 85) includes a ratchet and pawl mechanism (18), or a drive motor (52), for rotating an outboard (13) and/or inboard (14) lateral bolster for permitting incremental adjustment of the bolsters between a full up position, in which ...

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This invention provides orally administerable pharmaceutical formulations comprising raloxifene, its ethers or esters, or a pharmaceutically-acceptable salt thereof, in combination with a hydrophilic carrier composition.

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In accordance with this invention there is provided a granular product with an effervescent system which comprises acid-sensitive pharmaceutically active substances, such as, for example, beta-carotene, cimetidine, ranitidine or cisapride, which is specially useful to prevent antacid action, having ...