Charles Sperry
Charles R Sperry: Sterile wound cleansing dispenser with spray shield and method of making a dispenser. Davis Hoxie Faithfull & Hapgood, August 15, 1995: US05441174 (14 worldwide citation)

A wound cleansing solution dispenser that indicates the volume of liquid remaining and reduces medical waste. A shield is mounted onto the dispenser to prevent any contaminated fluids from splashing onto the care giver. The dispenser can be brought in a sterile condition to the patient free from any ...

Daniel David, Zipora David: Ambulatory patient health monitoring techniques utilizing interactive visual communication. Banner & Allegretti, August 15, 1995: US05441047 (531 worldwide citation)

An ambulatory (in the home) patient health monitoring system is disclosed wherein the patient is monitored by a health care worker at a central station, while the patient is at a remote location. The patient may be a person having a specific medical condition monitored or may be an elderly person de ...

Farhad Khosravi, Michael S Williams: Ratcheting stent. Advanced Cardiovascular Systems, Fulwider Patton Lee & Utecht, August 15, 1995: US05441515 (480 worldwide citation)

An intravascular stent comprising a cylindrical sheet having overlapplng edges that interlock. The edges have a series of protrusions and apertures that interlock and ratchet as the stent expands to an open position to support a section of arterial wall. The stent may be expanded by a balloon cathet ...

Roy D Gravener: Surgical fastener applying apparatus with resilient film. United States Surgical Corporation, August 15, 1995: US05441193 (463 worldwide citation)

A surgical device for clamping body tissue between two movable members, for example a surgical stapling apparatus, includes a sheet of curved resilient material attached to one or both of the members for biasing the body tissue when the members are closed onto the tissue.

Donald F Hooper, Matthew S Goldman, Peter C Bixby, Suban Krishnamoorthy: Video on demand with memory accessing and or like functions. Digital Equipment Corporation, Dirk Brinkman, Ronald C Hudgens, Arthur W Fisher, August 15, 1995: US05442390 (449 worldwide citation)

In a system for interactively viewing videos, a selected video is transmitted as a plurality of frames of digitized video data for playback on a viewing device. The system receives the transmitted video data and includes a memory buffer for storing a segment of a selected one of the videos. The segm ...

Louis C Parrillo: Wireless motor vehicle diagnostic and software upgrade system. Motorola, Eugene A Parsons, August 15, 1995: US05442553 (445 worldwide citation)

A transceiver and additional memory are connected to the microprocessor in a vehicle so that all, or selected portions, of operating data is stored in the memory and periodically transmitted to a remote station. The data is diagnosed at the remote station and, for minor repairs, a fix is transmitted ...

Gernod Fritzsch: Bipolar radio-frequency surgical instrument. Dekna elektro u medizinische Apparatebau Gesellschaft mbH, Townsend and Townsend Khourie and Crew, August 15, 1995: US05441499 (431 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a bipolar radio-frequency surgical instrument with a rigid tube shaft (11) and a working tip (12) which preferably has substantially the same cross-section as the adjoining part of the tube shaft (11) and is preferably centrally provided with at least one working electrode, ...

Kenneth Kensey, John E Nash, Douglas Evans: Hemostatic puncture closure system and method of use. Kensey Nash Corporation, Caesar Rivise Bernstein Cohen & Pokotilow, August 15, 1995: US05441517 (379 worldwide citation)

A system, a closure, and method of use for determining the position of a blood vessel via a percutaneous puncture and for sealing the percutaneous puncture in the blood vessel. The system includes an introducer sheath and associated positioning device, a hemostatic puncture closure, and a deployment ...

Robert Filepp, Michael L Gordon, Alexander W Bidwell, Allan M Wolf, Francis C Young, Duane Tiemann, Kenneth H Appleman, Sam Meo: Method for storing data in an interactive computer network. Prodigy Services Company, Paul C Scifo, August 15, 1995: US05442771 (377 worldwide citation)

A method for storing data in an interactive computer network is described. In preferred form, the method features steps for establishing data stores of prescribed capacities within a network for delivering an interactive service. The stored data is used in presenting the applications that makeup the ...

Mark Ortiz: Manipulable hand for laparoscopy. Ethicon, Paul A Coletti, August 15, 1995: US05441494 (350 worldwide citation)

A manipulable hand for use in laparoscopic surgery is disclosed, having a master or control hand with clamps for attaching the master hand to that of an operator, the master hand having at least one finger, the finger having at least one hinge corresponding to an interphalangeal joint in a human han ...