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A method includes the following component steps, or some functional subset of these steps: (A) periodic monitoring of a data processing system (10) for anomalous behavior that may indicate the presence of an undesirable software entity such as a computer virus, worm, or Trojan Horse; (B) automatic s ...

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A method and apparatus for performing an arthroscopic spinal laminectomy or similar surgical procedure includes a plurality of cannulas which are individually inserted, in a predetermined sequence, into predetermined areas of a patient's spinal column. The first inserted cannula has a tissue manipul ...

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A vertical gyroscope is adapted for use as a pointing device for controlling the position of a cursor on the display of a computer. A motor at the core of the gyroscope is suspended by two pairs of orthogonal gimbals from a hand-held controller device and nominally oriented with its spin axis vertic ...

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The present invention provides a guidewire which incorporates an optical fiber and associated diagnostic apparatus for diagnosing tissue in vivo. Use of the present invention provides for diagnosis of tissue and tailoring of the therapeutic portion of the procedure to the tissue or condition identif ...

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A shaped piece of swollen demineralized bone which can also be plasticized is provided for use in surgical bone repair.

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A surgical clip which comprises a staple having a central portion and first and second legs extending from said central portion. A retainer is provided having an opening dimensioned for passage of an end portion of each of said legs when the legs are bent from an open position to a closed position. ...

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A reprogrammable subscriber terminal of a subscription television service which can have the control program code of its control processor modified by downloading new program code from the headend. The control processor stores a boot program in an internal read only memory. Upon start up and resets, ...

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The addition of fibrous materials in intimate mixture with particulates for fracturing and gravel packing decreases or eliminates the flowback of proppant and/or formation fines while stabilizing the sand pack and lowering the demand for high polymer loadings in the placement fluids. Preferred fiber ...

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A surgical stapling instrument for performing a circular anastomosis stapling operation is provided. The surgical instrument includes a stapling head assembly mounted by a flexible support shaft to an actuator handle assembly. The support shaft is capable of bending in any radial direction relative ...