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A drive mechanism for an endoscopic surgical instrument which has a rotatable drive shaft and a mechanism for translating the rotational force of the shaft for applying fasteners to tissue during endoscopic surgery.

Menno E Sluijter, Eric R Cosman: Method and apparatus for heating an intervertebral disc for relief of back pain. Richard J Birch, July 18, 1995: US05433739 (546 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a technique of relieving back pain by heating of an intervertebral disc. The heating is illustrated by a percutaneous technique where a needle or electrode is inserted into the disc under X-ray or other imaging control and subsequently used to elevate the temperature ...

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A system and method for maintaining data coherency in a system in which data is replicated on two or more servers. Each server is able to update the data replica present on the server. Updates are logged for each server. Reconciliation of server data replicas is aggressively initiated upon the occur ...

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This is an intravascular prosthesis deliverable transvenously for the occlusion of large heart defects. The defects are predominantly large atrial septal defects and ventricular septal defects. The device has an occluder connected with a centering counter-occluder. The device is delivered to the hea ...

Max Abecassis: Seamless transmission of non-sequential video segments. July 18, 1995: US05434678 (408 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to a video system comprising integrated random access video technologies and video software architectures for the automated selective retrieval of non-sequentially stored parallel, transitional, and overlapping video segments from a single variable content program source, resp ...

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A thermal ablation catheter includes an elongate body member having a heating element disposed over a predetermined length of its distal end. The heating element is suspended away from an exterior surface of the elongate member to form a circulation region thereunder. Thermally conductive fluid can ...

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A system and method for cardiac mapping and ablation includes a multi-electrode catheter introduced percutaneously into a subject's heart and deployable adjacent to various endocardial sites. The electrodes are connectable to a mapping unit, an ablation power unit a pacing unit, all of which are und ...

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An in-situ chemical-mechanical polishing process monitor apparatus for monitoring a polishing process during polishing of a workpiece in a polishing machine, the polishing machine having a rotatable polishing table provided with a polishing slurry, is disclosed. The apparatus comprises a window embe ...

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The locations of a plurality of devices are tracked using a network of communication links, each of which corresponds to a location. Each device is given a tag that identifies the device with respect to other devices and that is connectable to a communication link when the device is disposed at the ...

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Oligonucleotide analogs having one or more substitute linkages of the formula 2'/3'--S--CH.sub.2 --CH.dbd.5' or 2'/3'--O--CH.sub.2 --CH.dbd.5' between adjacent nucleomonomers are disclosed. The substitute linkage replace the usual phosphodiester linkage found in unmodified nucleic acids. The oligonu ...