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A system for the exchange of digital information packets includes an exchange with connectors to allow modular expandable units to connect to the exchange over transmission media. The modular expandable units send digital information packets from one to another over the exchange in response to reque ...

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Nucleotide sequences encoding proteins of interest are isolated from DNA libraries using bacteriophage to link the protein to the sequence which encodes it. DNA libraries are prepared from cells encoding the protein of interest and inserted into or adjacent to a coat protein of a bacteriophage vecto ...

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There is disclosed herein a technique for carrying out stereotaxic radiosurgery or radiotherapy on a particular target region within a patient by a radiosurgical/radiotherapeutic beam of radiation which is at least intermittently directed along a beam path through the target region. One particular b ...

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Novel polypeptides are provided, together with methods for making and using them, and nucleic acids encoding them. These polypeptides are useful as cell surface adhesion molecules and ligands, and are useful in therapeutic or diagnostic compositions and methods.

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Devices and methods are provided for the clinical analysis of a sperm sample. The devices include a solid substrate, typically on the order of a few millimeters thick and approximately 0.2 to 2.0 centimeters square, microfabricated to define a sample inlet port and a mesoscale flow channel extending ...

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A database method and system for disseminating information to user, and for alerting users to the disseminated information, stores a plurality of parameters in association with information items. The plurality of parameters includes at least one keyword taken from a finite hierarchical set of keywor ...

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An improved, "gap filling" embodiment of the Ligase Chain Reaction (LCR) is described. Gap filling LCR is LCR wherein at least one of the probes is recessed so that a gap is formed between the adjacent probes when they are hybridized to target. The gap is filled using polymerase and deoxyribonucleot ...

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In an environment in which simultaneous voice/data (SVD) modems are provisioned in the public switched network for separating and separately routing voice and data calls from users having SVD modems, at least one user who is already employing a first connection through an SVD modem provisioned in th ...

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A computer system provides transactional memory operations, in which a selected data item in a shared memory is referenced by a CPU in local storage (such as a write-back cache). The CPU performs some operation to alter or use the data item while it is in local memory, and meanwhile monitors the bus ...

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An engine for the interactive delivery and presentation of multimedia data. The delivery mechanism is premised on a topic and panel metaphor. A topic is comprised of a series of panels. Each panel further defines the multimedia data which will be used when the panel is displayed. Each panel may also ...