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The manipulator is for medical manipulations or investigations in body cavities. It has an operator part 20, a working arm 10 connected to the operator part at one end and an effector part 30 attached to the other end of the working arm. The working arm 10 comprises an external shaft tube 1, a first ...

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The invention relates to a blood filter which is intended to be implanted in the circulation system for the purpose of trapping blood clots. This filter presents an axis (6) and comprises elastic flaps (4, 14) in the form of loops of flexible wire(s) which each define a surface area, these flaps iss ...


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The invention relates to a cryo-ablation catheter, comprising a tube-like basic body with a proximal and a distal end wherein at the distal end a closed head made of a thermally conductive material has been arranged, a pressure line extending in the basic body from close to the proximal end to close ...

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In DRAM, a part of data in a row are rewritten at high speed. The memory device comprises dynamic type cell blocks (11); sense amplifiers (3) for sensing data of the cell blocks (11); latches (2) for storing data; data transfer gates for transferring data between the sense amplifiers (3) and the lat ...

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The invention relates to a pharmaceutical preparation in the form of a suspension aerosol, which contains a spray-dried product which consists of a pharmaceutical substance, a surface-active physiologically tolerable substance which is insoluble in the liquified propellant, optionally a flavour corr ...

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This invention relates to 5,6 fused ring bicyclic compounds inclusive of indoles, benzofurans, and benzothiophenes, and corresponding to the formula (I) substituted with both basic (B) and acidic (A) functionality, which are useful in inhibition of platelet aggregation.

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A method of forming a polycrystalline silicon thin film improved in crystallinity and a channel of a transistor superior in electrical characteristics by the use of such a polycrystalline silicon thin film. An amorphous silicon layer of a thickness preferably of 30 nm to 50 nm is formed on a substra ...

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Multiple independent data streams 318 transferred across a communication medium from a server computer system 310, 312 to a client computer system 320, 322 are synchronised by 1) capturing information into a data packet, the capturing step being performed by the server system; 2) storing time inform ...

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A memory is provided for storing one field of video signals supplied to a liquid crystal display panel serving as a display portion. Whether the video signals to be displayed have a stationary image portion or a moving image portion is determined by a comparator by comparing the video signals of the ...