David C Holmes: Implantable spinal assist device. University of Miami, Watov & Kipnes, May 16, 1995: US05415661 (810 worldwide citation)

An implantable device for restoring normal biomechanical function to a motion segment unit of the spine which includes a curvilinear body composed of a composite material made up of a fiber material interspersed in a matrix material.

Williamson IV Warren P, Thomas W Huitema, James H Chambers: Surgical stapler and staple cartridge. Ethicon Endo Surgery, Dressler Goldsmith Shore & Milnamow, May 16, 1995: US05415334 (564 worldwide citation)

A surgical stapler comprising at least one cam having a cam surface, an arrangement for actuating the cam for a longitudinal firing movement of the cam surface, a cartridge having a plurality of staple drive members driven by the longitudinal movement of the cam surface, and a plurality of surgical ...

Ashar Aziz: Method and apparatus for key-management scheme for use with internet protocols at site firewalls. Sun Microsystems, Irell & Manella, May 16, 1995: US05416842 (467 worldwide citation)

The present invention includes a first data processing device (node I) coupled to a first private network and to a firewall server (FWA). Firewall server FWA is in turn coupled to a public network, such as the Internet. A second data processing device (node J) is coupled to a second private network ...

Thomas G Knodell Jr: Surgical stapler cartridge containing lockout mechanism. Ethicon Endo Surgery, Paul A Coletti, May 16, 1995: US05415335 (400 worldwide citation)

Contained on a stapler cartridge there is at least one distal slot capable of accommodating at least one firing wedge or the knife blade which is thereby capable of moving through the distal slot. There is further contained at least one proximal slot capable of accommodating at least the one firing ...

Howard Taymor Luria: Percutaneous vascular sealing method. Flehr Hohbach Test Albritton & Herbert, May 16, 1995: US05415657 (371 worldwide citation)

A percutaneous vascular sealing assembly (30) for sealing a puncture opening (17) in a blood vessel (16) following an invasive medical procedure. The sealing assembly includes an elongated tubular shaft (32) having a distal end (36) carrying an electrosurgical sealing assembly (34). An energy source ...

Giordano B Beretta: Graphical user interface for controlling color gamut clipping. Xerox Corporation, Judith C Bares, May 16, 1995: US05416890 (367 worldwide citation)

A graphical user interface provides for interactively modifying, on the user's display, the appearance of a palette of colors on one or more hardcopy output devices. The interface provides a graphical representation of a color space in a color space window on the user's display and draws each color ...

Klein S Gilhousen, Irwin M Jacobs, Roberto Padovani, Lindsay A Weaver Jr, Andrew J Viterbi: System and method for generating signal waveforms in a CDMA cellular telephone system. Qualcomm Incorporated, Russell B Miller, May 16, 1995: US05416797 (352 worldwide citation)

A system and method for communicating information signals using spread spectrum communication techniques. PN sequences are constructed that provide orthogonality between the users so that mutual interference will be reduced, allowing higher capacity and better link performance. With orthogonal PN co ...

George J Geier, Ardalan Heshmati, Kelly G Johnson, Patricia W McLain: Position and velocity estimation system for adaptive weighting of GPS and dead-reckoning information. Trimble Navigation, Thomas E Schatzel, May 16, 1995: US05416712 (323 worldwide citation)

An embodiment of the present invention is a combined GPS and dead-reckoning (DR) navigation sensor for a vehicle in which a pair of modifications are made to an otherwise conventional Kalman filter. Process noise is adapted to cope with scale factor errors associated with odometer and turning rate s ...

Peter S Stutman, J Mark Miller: Method and apparatus for alerting patients and medical personnel of emergency medical situations. Metriplex, Cesari and McKenna, May 16, 1995: US05416695 (313 worldwide citation)

A medical alert system enables an authorized user, such as a doctor, to remotely set selection and limit parameters pertaining to specific medical and geodetic information of an ambulatory patient and thereafter receive updates of that information over a wireless communications network when the para ...

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