Geraud Pierre: Dismountable parquet element.. Geraud Pierre, May 10, 1995: EP0652340-A1 (201 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a dismountable parquet element which consists of a rectangular plate (1). This element comprises at least two "T"-shaped connection tabs (2), the longitudinal branch (20) of which extends perpendicularly to one of the edges (14) of the plate (1) and the transverse branch (21 ...

Tan Josef Kie Sioe: Epidural oxygen sensor.. Critikon, May 10, 1995: EP0651968-A1 (107 worldwide citation)

An epidural oxygen sensor comprises a photodetector (24) and light emitting diodes (22) mounted at the end of a core of compressible foam (52) extending from the end of a hollow bone screw (40). As the bone screw is screwed into a burr hole in the skull, the photodetector and light emitting diodes w ...

Huebner Randall J: Cam lock orthopaedic fixation screw.. Smith & Nephew Dyonics, May 10, 1995: EP0651979-A1 (105 worldwide citation)

A cam-locking orthopaedic fixation device for anchoring a bone graft in a bore formed in a bone mass. The device has a head, a nose remote from the head, and a body, extending between the head and the nose, with a series of threaded crests only partially circumferentially surrounding the body. At le ...

Momose Kaoru Seiko Epson Corp, Kamoi Kazumi Seiko Epson Corp, Suzuki Kazunaga Seiko Epson Co, Naka Takahiro Seiko Epson Corp, Miura Kazuhiko Seiko Epson Cor, Yoshida Tatsuo Seiko Epson Cor, Sakai Shinri Seiko Epson Corp, Katakura Takahiro Seiko Epson: Ink jet print head and a method of manufacturing the same.. Seiko Epson, May 10, 1995: EP0652108-A2 (102 worldwide citation)

An ink jet printer head includes a spacer (4) including pressure generating chambers (48) continuous to nozzle openings (2), ink supply paths and reservoirs, a cover member for covering the pressure generating chamber (48) in a sealing fashion, and pressure generating means (30) for generating press ...

Cliff Richard G, Raman Rina: Implementation of redundancy on a programmable logic device. Altera, May 10, 1995: GB2283602-A (98 worldwide citation)

In an architecture and method of operation for providing redundancy in programmable logic devices, spare columns or rows of logic blocks 115 and switch boxes 140 are employed to replace columns or rows of logic blocks containing one or more defective logic blocks. Associated logic using multiplexers ...

Parker Nigel Ian: Adjustable shelf. Ppe, May 10, 1995: GB2283407-A (95 worldwide citation)

An extendable shelf assembly is adapted to be removable mounted on the slotted uprights (1) of a display stand and comprises a shelf mounted on shelf support means (10), shelf extending means (20, 21) attached to said shelf and the shelf support means and operable so that the shelf can be extended o ...

Berthon Jones Michael: Detection of apnea and obstruction of the airway in the respiratory system.. Rescare, May 10, 1995: EP0651971-A1 (85 worldwide citation)

Methods and apparatus for determining the occurrence of an apnea, patency and/or partial obstruction of the airway are disclosed. Respiratory air flow from a patient is measured to give an air flow signal. The determination of an apnea is performed by calculating the variance of the air flow signal ...

Magnusson Hans L, Gephardt Douglas D, Mudgett Dan S: Integrated microprocessor.. Advanced Micro Devices, May 10, 1995: EP0652516-A1 (81 worldwide citation)

An integrated processor is provided wherein the layouts from a standalone microprocessor and one or more functional units are situated on a common semiconductor die and are linked by a common local bus. A testing circuit, also situated on the die and coupled to the common bus, is responsive to test ...

Ellis Richard J, Vogel Dennis E: Lithographic printing plates.. Minnesota Mining & Mfg, May 10, 1995: EP0652483-A1 (80 worldwide citation)

Lithographic printing plates which are adapted for imaging by IR lasers, which do not require wet development and which comprise a substrate bearing a heat-sensitive coating comprising a photothermal converter, which coating becomes relatively more hydrophilic under the action of heat.

Cezanne Juergen, Elko Gary Wayne: Adaptive microphone array.. At & T, May 10, 1995: EP0652686-A1 (79 worldwide citation)

The present invention is directed to a method of apparatus of enhancing the signal-to-noise ratio of a microphone array. The array includes a plurality of microphones and has a directivity pattern which is adjustable based on one or more parameters. The parameters are evaluated so as to realize an a ...