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An electrode assembly (12) for an electrosurgical instrument has an elongate tubular shaft (12S) with electrodes (12E) mounted on a distal end and, on a proximal end of the shaft, means (12M) for detachably mounting the assembly in a handpiece (10) of the instrument. Electrical conductors (20) pass ...

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An image processing technique is described in the context of a hierarchical image storage and retrieval system. The method allows for the controlled addition and removal of digital watermarks from selected image components in the hierarchy. The method adds a digital watermark in a selected image res ...

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The present invention provides novel amine compounds useful as electron-transporting materials to be incorporated in organic electro-luminescence devices. More particularly, the present invention provides an organic electro-luminescence device (organic EL device) which can find wide application in v ...

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A mobile, hand-held personal communicator 10 includes a casing 12 for housing a cellular phone, modem, and data processing system. Graphics image files 142 are stored and can be selectively displayed on a touchscreen display 26, 28. A zoom function magnifies areas of a graphics image 142, such as a ...

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A snow melting member for use on a power transmission line which can sufficiently melt snow even when the magnetic field created by the current in the power transmission line is relatively small. The snow melting member is composed of metals or metal oxides and has an annular, tubular or helical con ...

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The present invention refers to an adjustable periurethral tensor which consists of a one-piece element which does not require additional fittings that would bring about leakages. This enables the withdrawal and introduction of serum without additional surgical intervention and permits ideal control ...

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An event system is provided within an object-oriented environment. The event system informs users and system functions of events within the system. Events may be modeled as objects that are visible within the global namespace. These objects include event source objects and event sink objects. Event ...

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A process for fabricating a highly stable and reliable semiconductor, comprising: coating the surface of an amorphous silicon film with a solution containing a catalyst element capable of accelerating the crystallization of the amorphous silicon film, and heat treating the amorphous silicon film the ...

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A method of implanting an acetabular cup which includes preparing an acetabular socket to receive said cup, placing cement in said socket before or after locating a tube in line with said socket and inserting the acetabular cup through the tube and into said socket.

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A method and apparatus (21,150) is disclosed for identifying tissue which is suspected of being physiologically changed as a result of pre-cancerous or cancerous activity. The apparatus (21,150) includes a probe (1,10; 151) configured to contact the tissue and which includes an arrangement (3-7,17-4 ...