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A universal remote control device which is programmed to operate a variety of consumer products is disclosed. The device is connected over a bidirectional link to either a cable converter or a telephone interface for receiving programming information. A touch screen display is employed on the progra ...

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A "return on investment" digital database usage metering, billing, and security system includes a hardware device which is plugged into a computer system bus (or into a serial or other functionally adequate connector) and a software program system resident in the hardware device. One or more databas ...

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A method and apparatus for selecting audiovisual programs for presentation to a viewer. The audiovisual programs have attributes and a corresponding content code including information pertaining to the attributes. The method includes various steps. First, a viewer preference file is stored which inc ...

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A public switched telephone network (PSTN) provides digital video signals from a video information provider or digital service bureau to one or more of a plurality of subscriber premises. Administration of orders from subscribers is carried out by a video gateway and file servers at the central offi ...

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A computer system for processing and committing data comprises a processor, an external storage device such as DASD or tape coupled to the processor, and a working memory such as RAM. An application program updates data in the working memory and then requests that the data be committed, i.e. written ...

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The disclosure relates to battery powered hand-held data entry terminals wherein a peripheral module may contain an automatically operating full image reader and a wireless communication unit. The reader reads at least one full line of indicia and may comprise a laser bar code scanner or a flash typ ...

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Hydrogels of polymerized and crosslinked macromers comprising hydrophilic oligomers having biodegradable monomeric or oligomeric extensions, which biodegradable extensions are terminated on free ends with end cap monomers or oligomers capable of polymerization and cross linking are described. The hy ...

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Endocardial mapping and ablation system for introduction into a chamber of the heart formed by a wall and having a passage leading thereto comprising a catheter probe having a distal extremity adapted to be positioned in the chamber of the heart. The catheter probe is comprised of a plurality of fle ...

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A new and improved endoscopic surgical instrument. The business head of the instrument is rotatable about its longitudinal axis and is also articulatable in and out of longitudinal alignment with the longitudinal axis of the instrument.

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A networked health care and monitoring system (10) capable of providing an updated reliable vital information on the health condition of individuals and adapted to support home health care and maintenance. The system includes testing and measuring instruments (39; 43; 46; 49; 56) associated with cer ...