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An articulable assembly is provided for an endoscopic instrument along with a surgical fastener track therefor. The assembly includes a distal end portion for supporting an end effector to effect tissue manipulation while carrying out a surgical procedure within a body cavity. The assembly includes ...

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A surgical instrument having a business end manipulated by a member made from a cobalt-sterilizable, nontoxic, liquid-crystal, polyester-polyarylate polymer.

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An aortic graft (150) for intraluminal delivery to repair an abdominal aortic aneurysm is provided with at least one wire (315) which is woven into the distal, or lower, end (162) of the graft (150), which wire (315) permits the distal end (162) of the graft (150) to conform to, and sealingly engage ...


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A propylene polymer composition composed of a propylene polymer (A1) produced by using a metallocene catalyst and having a melt flow rate (MFR) of 0.01-30 g/10 min, a propylene polymer (A2) having an MFR of 30-1,000 g/10 min and, if necessary, a flexible polymer, wherein the ratio of the MFR of the ...

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A spinal implant for use in distracting and maintaining spinal disc height while promoting fusion of adjacent vertebrae of a spinal column includes first and second side surfaces extending substantially parallel to each other. Upper and lower surfaces for engaging the adjacent vertebrae extend betwe ...

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An instrument for laparoscopy comprises an introducer tool (1) devised for introduction and positional fixation of surgical equipment in the form of at least two surgical tools, optical instruments, implants or the like.

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A projection type display device (1) comprises an illumination optical system (2A), a color separation system (4) for separating white light (W) entering from the optical system (2A) into color beams (R, G, B); three liquid crystal panels (5R, 5G, 5B) for modulating the respective color beams; a wav ...