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An electrosurgical instrument is provided for cauterization and/or welding of tissue of varying impedances, thicknesses and vascularity especially in the performance of endoscopic procedures. The instrument compresses the tissue between one pole of a bipolar energy source located on one interfacing ...

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A catheter includes a flexible elongated catheter body that defines a needle-receiving, or probe-receiving, lumen, a retractable tissue-penetrable needle, or probe, and an electrode mounted on the distal portion of the catheter body. The needle provides a fluid passage for introducing fluid into tis ...

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In order to obtain a novel binding protein against a chosen target, DNA molecules, each encoding a protein comprising one of a family of similar potential binding domains and a structural signal calling for the display of the protein on the outer surface of a chosen bacterial cell, bacterial spore o ...

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The provision of a flash memory, virtual mapping system that allows data to be continuously written to unwritten physical address locations. The virtual memory map relates flash memory physical location addresses in order to track the location of data in the memory.

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This file server system appears to the host computer to be a plurality of data storage devices which are directly addressable by the host computer using the native data management and access structures of the host computer. The file server however is an intelligent data storage subsystem that define ...

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The invention provides a method of fundoplication of the stomach to the esophagus comprising introducing an esophageal manipulator (72) into the stomach lumen (10), maneuvering the manipulator within the lumen so as to create an intussusception (48) of the esophagus (14) into the stomach, introducin ...

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An information broadcasting system provides a large number of subscribers access to a large amount of information using one or more satellite transmission channels. The system can also use cable television transmission channels. A program supplier station stores an information database and tags all ...

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A method of detection of nucleic acid (DNA or RNA) target sequence in which such a sequence serves as a cofactor for a catalytic reaction in which a complementary, labeled nucleic acid probe is cleaved such that the target sequence is released intact and can repeatedly recycle through the reaction p ...

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A method for manufacturing a semiconductor device such as a thin film transistor using a crystal silicon film is provided. The crystal silicon film is obtained by selectively forming films, particles or clusters containing nickel, iron, cobalt, ruthenium, rhodium, paradium, osmium, iridium, platinum ...

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The present invention is directed to a surgical suture instrument specifically designed for suturing body tissues in enclosed surgical operations. The instrument includes a casing with a slot for housing a suture needle. The needle includes a first puncture end and a second manipulation end. The nee ...