Fred Thomas Fred Thomas
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An apparatus and method for etching a point on the surface of a magnetic medium to reduce the reflectivity of the point and for verifying that proper etching occured. A light source (40) provides a collimated incident beam of light (42). The incident beam is focused to a point on the medium (57) and ...


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A TFT formed on an insulating substrate source, drain and channel regions, a gate insulating film formed on at least the channel region and a gate electrode formed on the gate insulating film. Between the channel region and the drain region, a region having a higher resistivity is provided in order ...

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In a computer system including a plurality of interlinked computers, one computer generates a common image which is distributed to the other computers. Users of the computers can annotate the common image by highlighting, drawing lines, and/or typing text. The annotations are replicated on the other ...

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A thiazolidine derivative represented by general formula (1), a salt thereof, a process for producing the same, a pharmaceutical composition containing the same as the active ingredient, and a method of treating diabetes by administering the same, wherein R, R and R represent each independently hydr ...

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An optical scanner (1) is incorporated into the handset (4) of corded, cordless and cellular telephones. The scanner includes a trigger (8), a scan module (10), a rechargeable battery, a digitizer (11) and a decoder (12) for reading indicia information such as bar coded telephone numbers, addresses, ...

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An ultrafine fiber with a network structure, wherein the defect of an olefin polymer and that of an ester polymer have been offset while utilizing the merits of both polymers; and a nonwoven fabric constituted thereof and having a dense structure. This fiber is produced from a mixture consisting at ...

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Antenna configuration of an electromagnetic detection system for detecting and/or identifying detection labels, comprising a first and a second antenna array which in operation are connected with a transmitter and/or receiver of the detection system. The first antenna array comprises a plurality of ...

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A voltage VB of a battery (16) is compared with a predetermined value Vmax (100) and when the battery voltage VB is lower than the predetermined value Vmax as a result of the comparison, a state of charge (SOC) of the battery (16) is discriminated (104). In the case of an SOC of at least 70%, an out ...