Bob Ware
Robert P L Absil, James R Katzer, Daria N Lissy, Robert A Ware, Stephen S Wong: Hydrocracking catalyst and process using small crystal size zeolite Y. Mobil Oil Corporation, Alexander J McKillop, Dennis P Santini, Edward F Kenehan Jr, March 28, 1995: US05401704 (5 worldwide citation)

There is provided a process and a catalyst for hydrocracking hydrocarbons, such as gas oils. The catalyst comprises a hydrogenating metal and small crystal size zeolite Y. The zeolite Y may have a crystal size of less than one micron. Examples of hydrogenating metals include nickel and tungsten.

Karin Buttner Janz, Arnold Keller, Jean Philippe Lemaire: Intervertebral disc endoprosthesis. Waldemar Link & Co, Chilton Alix & Van Kirk, March 28, 1995: US05401269 (729 worldwide citation)

Intervertebral disc endoprosthesis with two prosthesis plates which are to be connected to the end plates of the relevant vertebrae, and with a prosthesis core which cooperates with at least one prosthesis plate via an articular surface permitting a rotational movement around the vertical axis, In o ...

Rodney C Perkins: Multimodality probe with extendable bipolar electrodes. Envision Surgical Systems, Haynes & Davis, March 28, 1995: US05401272 (378 worldwide citation)

A surgical probe, and procedure using the same, enabling a surgeon to cut body tissue by delivering energy, such as a laser beam, to the body tissue and without removing the instrument to cauterize the body tissue by direct application of electric current. The surgical probe includes an elongated me ...

Kennth J Vidacovich, Donald G Doss: Fiber distribution frame system, cabinets, trays and fiber optic connector couplings. Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, Gary L Griswold, Walter N Kirn, Jack V Musgrove, March 28, 1995: US05402515 (345 worldwide citation)

A fiber optic distribution system provides a frame having several bays for receiving connector modules, associated jumper organizers, and upper and lower troughs for conveying jumper fibers between adjacent bays. The jumper organizers are constructed such that interbay jumpers need not undergo more ...

Paul Simunek: Keno type video gaming device. WMS Gaming, Rockey Rifkin and Ryther, March 28, 1995: US05401024 (329 worldwide citation)

A keno type amusement device utilizes a microprocessor based video display system. One or more of the matched spots are replaced on the display with slot machine like "reel" displays. Each reel contains a plurality of different characters. The reels are spun and a character set is randomly generated ...

Arne L Duwaer: Data processing system with a touch screen and a digitizing tablet, both integrated in an input device. U S Philips Corporation, Jack D Slobod, March 28, 1995: US05402151 (270 worldwide citation)

A data processing system includes a multipurpose data input device formed by a touch screen and a digitizing tablet integrated with one another, which are activatable independently of each other by proper stimuli. The touch screen and the digitizing tablet each comprise a respective sensing means to ...


Joseph S Foos, Peter G Edelman, James E Flaherty, Joseph Berger: Electrochemical sensors. Ciba Corning Diagnostics, Ciba-Geigy, Nicholas I Slepchuk Jr, Arthur S Morgenstern, Judith A Roesler, March 28, 1995: US05401376 (251 worldwide citation)

An electrochemical sensor having a substrate, conductive strips deposited on the substrate, and a layer insulating portions of the conductive strips except those portions which define a working electrode and at least one second electrode. A solid electrolyte contacting the electrodes is covered by a ...

Mark L Pomeranz, Patsy A Gingell, Mir A Imran: Endocardial mapping apparatus with rotatable arm and method. Cardiac Pathways Corporation, Flehr Hohbach Test Albritton & Herbert, March 28, 1995: US05400783 (247 worldwide citation)

An endocardial mapping apparatus for mapping the wall of a chamber of the heart having blood therein. The apparatus includes a flexible elongate tubular member having proximal and distal extremities and at least one lumen extending therethrough. A basket assembly is carried by the distal extremity o ...

Michael W Wood: Variable awards wagering system. United Games, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, March 28, 1995: US05401023 (243 worldwide citation)

A modified video poker game where the game initially assigns five cards to the player and the player can then select one of thirty two possible discard strategies to replace any number of the five cards. The video poker game computes the expected value of each discard strategy and then determines wh ...