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A peripheral data acquisition, monitor, and adaptive control system is disclosed in which a personal computer (PC) and one or more input/output (I/O) Bridge devices interface signals from electronically-controlled devices to the PC via the keyboard port, thus permitting data, such as measurement dat ...

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A non-volatile memory disposed within electrically powered medical equipment is described. The non-volatile memory may be preprogrammed to store utilization limits and parametric data for the equipment. An external control module may be programmed to store the utilization history for the equipment i ...

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Methods of synthesizing multiple copies of a target nucleic acid sequence autocatalytically under conditions of substantially constant temperature, ionic strength, and pH are provided in which multiple RNA copies of the target sequence autocatalytically generate additional copies. These methods are ...

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A video lottery system for playing electronic games on multiple video lottery terminals. The system includes a central computer at a central site and at least one gaming site remotely located from the central computer. The gaming site includes a plurality of video lottery terminals which play games ...

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An electroluminescent device includes a semiconductor layer (4) in the form of a thin dense polymer film comprising at least one conjugated polymer, a first contact layer (5) in contact with a first surface of the semiconductor layer, and a second contact layer (3) in contact with a second surface o ...

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Primary human cells which are genetically engineered with DNA (RNA) encoding a marker or therapeutic which is expressed to be expressed in vivo. Such engineered cells may be used in gene therapy.

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A combination catheter for both detecting monophasic action potentials and ablating surface tissue in an in vivo heart of a patient is provided. The apparatus includes a catheter probe having a terminal tip portion and an electrode carried on the tip such that a portion of the tip electrode is expos ...

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Multi-chip, multi-tier semiconductor arrangements based upon single and double-sided flip-chips are described. The double-sided flip chips provide raised bump contact means on both major surfaces of a die and provided connections to internal signals within the die, feed through connections between c ...

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A plurality of digital services are carried in a multiplex data stream to a plurality of remote locations. The multiplex data stream comprises a continuous sequence of frames. Each frame comprises two consecutive fields, and each field comprises a plurality of lines. A first group of the lines in ea ...

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Dispersible particles consisting essentially of a crystalline anticancer agent having a surface modifier adsorbed on the surface thereof in an amount sufficient to maintain an effective average particle size of less than about 1000 nm. Anticancer compositions comprising the particles exhibit reduced ...