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A sigma-delta signal converter is implemented using switched capacitor switching elements in which a first switch (31) serves as a mixer (11). The output of the mixer is directed to the second input of an adder (16), and its second input is the feedback signal (f1) of the sigma-delta signal converte ...

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The invention relates to an aerosol container for pharmaceutically active aerosols which are to be administered in specified quantities and are provided in the form of a suspension in the container, the suspension comprising at least a propellent gas in addition to a pharmaceutically active substanc ...

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A ceramic honeycomb catalytic converter having a novel canning structure capable of stably retaining a thin-walled ceramic honeycomb catalyst (12) within a metal casing (11) for a long period. A retainer member in the form of a ceramic fiber mat (13) is disposed between an inner peripheral surface o ...

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A well treating composition comprising: a gelled carrier; a particulate material; an epoxy resin system including at least one epoxy resin; and a finely-divided hardening agent which, when dissolved, is operable for hardening the epoxy resin. The finely-divided hardening agent is dispersed in the ep ...

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An image display apparatus reduces the possibility of occurrence of minor discomforts such as headaches, eyestrain, fatigue and the like in users. A symbol indicating distance such as 1m, 3m, or INFINITY is displayed on an outer periphery of a virtual image adjusting knob. When the user aligns a mar ...

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A system for determining selections that a user is likely to be interested in. The determination is made based on the user's prior indicated preferences. The user designates his or her preferred selections as entries in a user's preference list. Entries in the user's list are compared with entries i ...

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In a scheme in which a single uniquely coded card is issued in respect of a plurality of associated subscribers, the card comprises a plurality of mutually separable panels (30, 31) each of which panels bears the same readable data. The data is preferably bar-coded, but may be in OCR characters, or ...

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Compounds are provided which inhibit microsomal triglyceride transfer protein and thus are useful for lowering serum lipids and treating atherosclerosis and related diseases. The compounds have the structure wherein R to R, X and Y are as defined herein.r

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A material which is hydrophilic in bulk, transparent, permeable to oxygen, based on a polymer containing two interpenetrating networks, including: (1) a formed polydimethylsiloxane hydrophobic polymer matrix; and (2) a hydrophilic network of poly(acrylic acid) polymerised in the silicone matrix from ...

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Access control for a packet communications network includes a dynamic bandwidth updating mechanism which continuously monitors the mean bit rate of the signal source and the loss probability of the connection. These values are filtered to remove noise and then used to test whether the values fall wi ...