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An electrosurgical instrument is provided for cauterization and/or welding of tissue of varying impedances, thicknesses and vascularity especially in the performance of endoscopic procedures. The instrument compresses the tissue between one pole of a bipolar energy source located on one interfacing ...


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An apparatus for monitoring multiple nucleic acid amplifications simultaneously. In order to provide real-time monitoring of the amplification product of multiple nucleic acid amplifications simultaneously the apparatus is characterized in that it comprises a thermal cycler (12) including a heat con ...

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An organopolysiloxane which generates intramolecular or intermolecular cross-linking based on dipole-dipole interaction, hydrogen bonding or ion bonding, and which is not ruptured or plastically deformed at an extension ratio no more than 15% at a temperature of 20 DEG C under relative humidity of 6 ...

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Erythropoietin analogs having at least one additional site for glycosylation, or a rearrangement of at least one site for glycosylation are disclosed. The invention also relates to DNA sequences encoding said erythropoietin analogs, and recombinant plasmids and host cells for analog expression

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A video camera or equivalent sensor is mounted on a vehicle and used to detect the lane markings on the road (usually the white painted lines). An associated signal processor (11) estimates the vehicle's lateral position in relation to the lane markings. An electric motor (4) coupled to the steering ...

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A diaper or other absorbent article may include an absorbent body comprising in sequence from the top (the surface adjacent the wearer's body> an upper assembly (2, 3, 4, 5) comprising an acquisition layer 3 formed of first fibrous material substantially free of superabsorbent material, a superabsor ...

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A display shelf/case divider system for use in a display case 2, comprises a stock limiter plate 14 having slots 18 in it to co-operate with dividers 10 also having slots 16a, 16b in them such that items may be kept to the front of the display case 2. The dividers 10 are moveable along the length of ...

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An surgical stapling instrument is provided which uses a thermogenic energy preferably bipolar radiofrequency energy for cauterization and/or welding tissue. The instrument compresses tissue between one pole of a bipolar energy sources contained on a first interfacing surface and a second pole of a ...

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A method for programming a computer controlled multi-axis device (for example a CNC machining device) is provided. First a measurement probe (for example a simulated cutting tool (402)) of a passive three dimensional coordinate measuring machine (CMM) (10) is operated by an experienced operator manu ...