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An electronic gaming apparatus (21) including an electronic primary gaming device (22), such as a poker gaming device or slot machine and an electronic secondary gaming device (23). The electronic poker gaming device (22) is electrically coupled to the electronic secondary gaming device (23), and th ...

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A video slot machine includes a display screen on which the wheels of a slot machine are simulated. The display screen is divided into an array of cells with each cell displaying an individual game element selected randomly from a group of available game elements during a game play. Pay-out lines ar ...

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The end-to-end anastomosis apparatus is provided with a mounting means which can receive a trocar for making holes in tissue and, subsequently, an anvil shaft for the mounting of an anvil assembly for stapling purposes. The anvil shaft is provided with splines which cooperate with splines on a shell ...

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A transition crystal structure is disclosed for providing a good lattice and thermal match between a layer of single crystal silicon carbide and a layer of single crystal gallium nitride. The transition structure comprises a buffer formed of a first layer of gallium nitride and aluminum nitride, and ...

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Mono, bis and tris(substituted 2,2'-bipyridine) complexes of iron, ruthenium, osmium or vanadium are described wherein the bipyridine is substituted by a hydroxy or alkoxy group, or a primary, secondary or tertiary amine group.

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An auction-based apparatus and method for supplying temperature conditioned air. Each room in an office building makes a bid based on a difference between an actual temperature of the room and a desired temperature of the room. Each room submits the respective bid to a centralized computer that cons ...

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A hub for a segmented virtual local area network with shared media access has at least one internal port for receiving and transmitting digital data messages within the hub and may have at least one external port for receiving and transmitting digital data messages external to the hub. The hub furth ...

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The invention relates in general to high-quality low bit-rate digital transform coding and decoding of information corresponding to audio signals such as music signals. More particularly, the invention relates to signal analysis/synthesis in coding and decoding. The invention can optimize the trade ...

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Compounds of the formula I in the form of the racemates or enantiomers thereof, ##STR1## in which R.sub.1 and R.sub.2 independently of one another are hydrogen or a protective group, and B is a purine or pyrimidine radical or an analogue thereof, can be used as antiviral active ingredients or for th ...