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An apparatus and system are disclosed for indicating relative positions of elements in a surgical apparatus. The indicating elements can include electrical circuitry that provides means for activating visual, audible or tactile indicators 102, thereby alerting the user that an event has occured with ...

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The present invention rlates to a novel 2-aminothiazolecarboxamide derivative represented by the following general formula (I) : in which R and R independently of one another represent hydrogen, (C1-C5)alkyl, (C1-C5)haloalkyl, (C3-C6)alkenyl, (C3-C6)alkynyl, (C3-C6)cycloalkyl, or phenyl or benzyl, e ...

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An ink-tank cartridge has a first storage chamber (53) housing a negative pressure generating member (52) and having an atmosphere communicating portion communicated with the atmosphere, a second storage chamber (56) in substantially enclosed condition and communicated with the first storage chamber ...

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There are described benzo-fused 5-membered ring heterocycles of the formula I where X is N or CR(6); Y is oxygen; A and B together are a bond or are both hydrogen if X is simultaneously CR(6) and Y is NR(7), one of these substituents R(1) to R(6) is a -CO-N = C(NH2)2 group; the other substituents R( ...


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The present invention concerns antitumor compounds. More particularly, the invention provides novel taxane derivatives, pharmaceutical compositions thereof, and their use as antitumor agents.

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A field programmable, digital signal processing integrated circuit is formed in a semiconductor die and includes an array of arithmetic logic (ALU) circuits. A user programmable interconnect architecture is superimposed on the array of ALU circuits. One or more interface circuits comprising digital- ...

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A sputtering method comprises applying a negative voltage intermittently in a constant periodic cycle to a cathode disposed in a vacuum chamber, wherein the negative voltage is intermittently applied so that a time during which the negative voltage is not applied includes a time during which the vol ...

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This invention is in the area of electrical technology, of a means for the continuous transformation of electrical energy with its subsequent transmission from the initial source to a consuming device via a single-wire transmission line. The purpose of the invention is the creation of a highly effic ...

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The gain of the amplifier is stabilised by making the amplifier oscillate at a wavelength not used for amplifying the input signal (Pi). One illustrative embodiment comprises: - a substrate (2); - an active optical guide (waveguide) (3); - a grating (4) coupled along the entire length of the optical ...