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(EN) The invention relates to a turn-lock system for the releasable adjustment and alteration of the effective length of at least one clamping element (3) and comprises a turn-lock (1) with a drivable pulley (5) for winding and unwinding at least one traction cord (7), and a lock support (2). A rela ...

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(EN) The present invention is directed to a topical composition for the treatment of psoriasis. The composition comprises a film forming agent, a plasticizer, an aqueous alcoholic solution and an amount of alkali effective to prevent the gellation of the film forming agent. (FR) Composition topique ...

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A sub-orbital, high altitude communications system comprising at least two ground stations (12) and at least one high altitude relay station (28, 130). Each of the ground stations (12) including means for sending and receiving telecommunications signals (20, 22, 36). The relay stations (28, 130) inc ...

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A system and method for storing and forwarding audio/video signals on demand is shown in-cluding an encoder (105) for re-ceiving, digitizing, and compress-ing audio/video signals into a data stream, and a first processing sys-tem for further compressing and storing the data stream received from the ...

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Telescopic predictive coding of video frames reduces the number of pixels in a reference frame which are required to be processed. However, given that offsets for adjacent blocks may differ, it is difficult to parallel process the reference data for real-time coding. After first-frame motion vectors ...

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Biotinylation peptides can be fused to other peptides or proteins of interest using recombinant DNA techniques to provide efficient methods for biotinylating the resulting fusion proteins $i(in vivo) or $i(in vitro).

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Method and apparatus for ablation of cardiac tissue includes a catheter (2, 60) having an elongated flexible body (6, 64), and a tissue ablation assembly positioned adjacent the tissue to be ablated. The tissue ablation assembly comprises a novel tissue infusion apparatus including a hollow infusion ...

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The present invention provides therapeutic conjugates which comprise a therapeutic compound bound to one to three acyl groups derived from fatty acids. The therapeutic compounds are preferably non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents which include a carboxylic acid group. The compounds involve the use ...

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A reagent comprises: a) an analyte moiety comprising at least two analyte residues, and linked to; b) a tag moiety comprising one or more reporter groups adapted for detection by mass spectrometry, wherein a reporter group designates an analyte residue, and the reporter group at each position of the ...

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A vascular graft suitable for the replacement of the upper abdominal ascending aorta and of the aortic arch is described. This graft bears a number of peripheral branches ending in convergent orifices. In the course of surgical operations, the proposed vascular graft is used in order to achieve cont ...