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A process control method carried out by a host process controller (2) and local process controllers (10, 11 and 12) is disclosed. The host process controller (2) generates a master file, and a sub-file associated with each process. The master file is transmitted initially to the relevant local proce ...

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A flexible stent having a waveform pattern formed from a sheet of biocompatible material and into a tubular shape for maintaining the patency of a lumen such as in a coronary vessel. The waveform pattern of the stent is formed from a flat sheet of malleable, biocompatible material by, for example, p ...

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A fusible print medium (2) having a photobase layer (4), a vehicle sink layer (6), and a colorant-receiving layer (8). The colorant-receiving layer (8) comprises core-shell polymer partides (10) that have a hydrophilic shell and a fusible hydrophobic core. Upon exposure to a sufficient heat, the col ...

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A hydrodynamic rotary seal ring (201) includes a circular static sealing geometry (202) and a circular dynamic sealing geometry (206) that are configured and arranged so as to promote uniform radial compression and minimize twisting of the seal ring.

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1383548 Electroluminescence PLESSEY CO Ltd 25 June 1973 [29 June 1972] 30462/72 Heading C4S [Also in Division F4] A light emitting diode assembly includes a dish-shaped light reflector formed at one end of and as an integral part of, a first electrical supply lead 2, a light emitting diode mounted w ...

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Systems, methods, and probe devices for electronic monitoring and characterization using single-ended coupling of a load-pulled oscillator to a system under test. For example, a planar, tapered probe (13) could be implemented.

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Agonists and antagonists of human IL-10 are provided by this invention which are based upon modification of the termini of mature human IL-10. Also provided are compositions and methods for supplying or inhibiting the biological activity of human IL-10. Such compositions may be useful in the treatme ...

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Particles are provided that are not rapidly cleared from the blood stream by the macrophages of the reticuloendothelial system, and that can be modified to achieve variable release rates or to target specific cells or organs. The particles have a core of a multiblock copolymer formed by covalently l ...

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Human MHC Class II $g(a,b)-DR double transgenes, their preparation and use in the identification of agents which modulate the production or release of immunologically active mediators.

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A sheath (40) for a balloon dilatation catheter has a distal guide spring (50), a proximal tubular shaft, and an expandable portion connected to and between the guide spring (50) and the shaft. The sheath is advanced by pushing a core wire (58) connected inside of the sheath to the distal spring gui ...