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Method and apparatus for ablation of cardiac tissue includes a catheter (2, 60) having an elongated flexible body (6, 64), a tissue characterization assembly including a transducer (34) at the distal end (16) of the body and a tissue ablation assembly having a tissue ablation tip (32) at the distal ...

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A natural language (NL) analyzing system is provided with the capability to analyze NL expressions and to resolve ambiguities and present them to the user for verification of correct interpretation. A conceptual model of the system, relevant to the application in which the invention is implemented, ...

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An obstacle detecting device for a vehicle comprises a pair of image sensors for taking an image of an object surrounding a vehicle, a display image plane for displaying an image data taken by said pair of image sensors as an image, and a plurality of windows designating regions of said image on sai ...

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A running machine is provided. The machine includes a base consisting of a flat upper plate and flat lower plate, a plurality of roller shafts provided laterally and spaced above the upper plate. An endless belt moves around the roller shafts by means of a motor. Four lifts are provided between the ...

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A trocar having a cannula and housing which define an access channel, is configured to receive a surgical instrument. A flexible valve disposed in the channel includes first portions which define an orifice through the valve and second portions which are disposed outwardly of the first portions. The ...

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A computer having slots for attachment of expansion adapters contains means enabling the system formed by the computer and attached adapters to reconfigure automatically, when an adapter is either inserted into an empty slot or removed from an occupied slot, while the system is fully powered and in ...

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A method and an apparatus is disclosed for delivering controlled heat to perform ablation to treat the benign prosthetic hypertrophy or hyperplasia (BPH). According to the method and the apparatus, the energy is transferred directly into the tissue mass which is to be treated in such a manner as to ...

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A self-service automated teller system includes a fraud detection module which uses a biometric recognition technique, such as voice or fingerprint recognition, in combination with predictive technology. The biometric recognition test is normally decisive, but if this test produces a result which is ...

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Methods for preparing oligonucleotide analogs which have improved nuclease resistance and improved cellular uptake are provided. In preferred embodiments, the methods involve reductive coupling of 3'- and 4'-substituted or 4'- and 3'-substituted nucleosidic synthons.

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The implant comprises a part (2) for anchorage in the bone and a body (3) for fixing on a rod (4), the body comprising two lateral branches (5) defining a passageway (6) which is open on each side of the body for receiving the rod, and a screw-threaded plug (8) adapted to be screwed between the bran ...