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A drive mechanism for an endoscopic surgical instrument which has a rotatable drive shaft and a mechanism for translating the rotational force of the shaft for applying fasteners to tissue during endoscopic surgery.


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A casing (25) and a nozzle plate (27) form a hollow cavity in which ink liquid can be filled. A buckling structure body (21) is disposed within this hollow cavity. A nozzle orifice (27a) is provided in a nozzle plate (27) at a position corresponding to the buckling structure body (21). The buckling ...

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High-resolution, progressive format video signals (on C3100) having high frame rates may be encoded by a base layer encoder (C3140) and an enhancement layer encoder (C3180) to provide two kinds of encoded video signals which share a common output channel (C3260). These encoded video signals are rece ...

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There can be a wrong decision about the motion direction for a large number of pixels when motion vectors are found by the block matching method. A picture for which motion vectors are already determined by e.g. block matching, is according to the invention first preprocessed. The object is to incre ...

Kurtz Hans Peter: Method, assembly and apparatus for internal cleaning and coating of pipelines.. Promotec, January 18, 1995: EP0634229-A1 (44 worldwide citation)

The method for cleaning pipes, in particular installed pipelines (49, 31) envisages that an abrasive medium is passed through a pipe to be cleaned with at least one liquid and one gaseous fluid. The gaseous fluid is in this case present in excess. The acceleration of the mixture can take place by hi ...

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A stationary barrel (1) attached to a camera body (A), a lead barrel (3), a barrel (5) and a barrel (6) are moved out successively. A first lens frame (7) holding a first lens unit (7a) is held in the barrel (6) to be movable along the optical axis, and a second lens frame (8) holding a second lens ...

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The present invention pertains to a multicomponent prosthesis for use in traumatology, orthopedics and veterinary medicine for joint prosthesis operations, which consists of at least a first component (11, 111) and a second component (112) [sic, (12, 112) - Tr.Ed.] which are connected by a first con ...

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A combination mouth and nasal mask (40) for assisted respiration or CPAP is disclosed. The combination mask (40) has a frame (42) to the rear side of which is mounted a separate nasal cushion (44) and mouth cushion (46). Both the nasal cushion (44) and the mouth cushion (46) separately form a rolled ...

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A condylar replacement knee prosthesis has a tibial platform adapted for attachment to a resected tibia, a femoral component adapted for attachment to a resected femur and a plastics meniscal component interposed between the femoral and tibial components. The upper surface of the meniscal component ...