Bob Ware
James H Beech Jr, Roland B Saeger, Robert A Ware: Skeletal isomerization of n-pentenes using ZSM-35 in the presence of hydrogen. Mobil Oil Corporation, Alexander J McKillop, Dennis P Santini, Laurence P Hobbes, January 17, 1995: US05382743 (28 worldwide citation)

A method for conversion of linear C5 olefins in the presence of contaminant diolefins to corresponding iso-olefins of the same carbon number which comprises contacting a linear C5 olefin-containing organic feedstock with a catalyst comprising material having the structure of ZSM-35 under skeletal is ...

Peter J Kight, Mark A Johnson, Tamara K Christenson, Regina Lach, Philip Pointer, Kenneth Cook: System and method for electronically providing customer services including payment of bills, financial analysis and loans. Checkfree Corporation, Porter Wright Morris & Arthur, January 17, 1995: US05383113 (657 worldwide citation)

A computerized payment system by which a consumer may instruct a service provider by telephone, computer terminal, or other telecommunications; means to pay various bills without the consumer having to write a check for each bill. The system operates without restriction as to where the consumer bank ...

Richard D Pike, Kurtis L Brown, Sharon W Gwaltney, Thomas A Herschberger, Scott D Siegel: Nonwoven multicomponent polymeric fabric and method for making same. Kimberly Clark Corporation, Michael U Lee, William D Herrick, January 17, 1995: US05382400 (557 worldwide citation)

A process for making nonwoven fabric including the steps of meltspinning continuous multicomponent polymeric filaments, drawing the multicomponent filaments, at least partially quenching the multicomponent filaments so that the multicomponents have latent helical crimp, activating the latent helical ...

Alan DeLaRama, Larry A Dial, Richard J Harp, Thomas L Hursman, Alfred S Soria, R J Serra, Steve Tarpening: Bi-directional and multi-directional miniscopes. Spectrum Medsystems Corporation, Stetina Brunda & Buyan, January 17, 1995: US05381782 (498 worldwide citation)

A bi-directional endoscope comprising a catheter body having a tubular spring frame attached to and extending axially from the distal end thereof. The spring frame comprises a spring body which includes a tip member positioned on the distal end thereof, and a plurality of relief slots disposed there ...

James J Phelps, Nga T Van: Vasoocclusion coil with attached tubular woven or braided fibrous covering. Target Therapeutics, Morrison & Foerster, January 17, 1995: US05382259 (463 worldwide citation)

This invention is in the field of vasoocclusion devices. More particularly, it relates to a vasoocclusion coil which may be segmented, onto which a fibrous, woven or braided, tubular covering or element is attached.

William W Cimino, Michael D Lontine, Michael P Schollmeyer: Technique for electrosurgical tips and method of manufacture and use. Valleylab, January 17, 1995: US05382247 (400 worldwide citation)

An electrosurgical tip for the application of electromagnetic energy in either a monopolar or a bipolar circuit through the tissue and the bodily fluids of an animal or human has a metallic electrically and thermally conductive electrode for connection to an electrosurgical generator proximally and ...

Eugene D Allen, James J Bedi, Gregory D Bishop, Mark A Burdorff, Sean P Conlon, John A Hibner, J David Hughett, Mark S Ortiz, Joseph Paraschac, Narinderjit Sambi, Thomas J Sierocuk, Jack E Smith: Endoscopic surgical stapling instrument with pivotable and rotatable staple cartridge. Ethicon, January 17, 1995: US05381943 (382 worldwide citation)

A surgical stapler is provided which is insertable through an endoscopic tube to enable a surgeon to staple a hernia patch to tissue inside a body cavity. The endoscopic surgical stapler includes a staple cartridge pivotally mounted on the distal end of a support tube extending from a handle provide ...

Harumi Uenoyama, Hisashi Okuda: Biosensor and method of quantitative analysis using the same. Kyoto Daiichi Kagaku, Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch, January 17, 1995: US05382346 (378 worldwide citation)

A biosensor which electrochemically detects a material which relates to a reaction of a specific compound in a liquid sample with a biologically active substance or its related substance, in which the biologically active material or an optionally used mediator is placed at a part which is remote fro ...

Daniel S Kwoh, Roy J Mankovitz: Apparatus and method for total parental control of television use. Christie Parker & Hale, January 17, 1995: US05382983 (364 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for parental control of television use by excluding or including selected programs, channels, and/or times. The apparatus includes a command controller comprising a microprocessor, a read only memory, a memory for authorized identification numbers, and a memory for storing the selected ...

Julio C Palmaz: Method and apparatus for occluding vessels. Expandable Grafts Partnership, Ben D Tobor, January 17, 1995: US05382261 (338 worldwide citation)

A vessel occluder for providing permanent occlusion of a vessel in a person utilizes a flexible closure member attached to at least one metallic radially expandable, generally tubular shaped stent, the flexible closure member having a generally tubular shaped cross-sectional configuration.