Sonty Atashi C, Faria Jose A, Willett Alan W, Ciulla Kim P, Comparetta Christopher, Latone Jack T: Process for configuration management.. Xerox, January 4, 1995: EP0632371-A1 (127 worldwide citation)

In a process for ensuring compatibility of components in a system, system components are defined and relationships between two or more system components identified. From relationships between components, inter-relationships between these identified relationships and possibly other components are det ...

Schuermann Josef: Frequency diversity transponder arrangement.. Texas Instruments Deutschland, January 4, 1995: EP0632288-A2 (116 worldwide citation)

The system includes a transponder operable to receive a wireless RF interrogation and to transmit a wireless RF response. The response comprises a first channel response centered at frequency FDX1=RF+SC and a second channel response centered at frequency FDX2 = RF - SC. The system also incorporates ...

Whikehart J William, Wargnier James Alfred: Multi-stage digital rf translator.. Ford Motor, January 4, 1995: EP0632577-A1 (111 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for performing digital signal frequency translation in a digital receiver is disclosed. The apparatus uses a plurality of mixer-filter-decimator stages (102) for performing the digital signal frequency translation. The translation function converts the digital signal to an intermediate ...

Sano Shinichi C O Itami Factor, Murata Hiroaki C O Tokyo Offic, Ohhori Atsushi C O Minosima Fa, Futagami Takeo C O Minosima Fa: A light emitting diode aggregate module and a method for manufacturing a light emitting diode aggregate module.. Mitsubishi Cable, January 4, 1995: EP0632511-A2 (95 worldwide citation)

A light emitting diode aggregate module comprises a metallic base printed circuit board (1), light emitting diode chips (2) each of which is mounted on a bottom section of each hollow section (23) formed on the metallic base printed circuit board (1), electronic parts (3) which are mounted on the me ...

Weiser Mark D, Wood David A, Demers Alan J, Atkinson Russell R: Reducing computer power consumption by dynamic voltage and frequency variation.. Xerox, January 4, 1995: EP0632360-A1 (72 worldwide citation)

A method for dynamically varying the power consumption of computer circuits (20) under program control. A power control subsystem (22) determines the minimum required level of power (52; Fig. 2) based on a number of factors (Fig. 3) including the particular operation and the recent amount of idle ti ...

Riach David J A, Longmore Richard J, Eccles John N: Document transaction apparatus.. At & T Global Inf Solution, January 4, 1995: EP0632415-A1 (71 worldwide citation)

A self-service financial document processing terminal (10) accepts from a user a document (100) to be processed for a financial transaction such as depositing a cheque or paying a bill. After processing, the terminal (10) issues a receipt slip (300) to the user containing printed details of the tran ...

Tajima Hiroki C O Canon Kabush, Kashino Toshio C O Canon Kabus, Higuma Masahiko C O Canon Kabu, Okazaki Takeshi C O Canon Kabu: An ink tank unit, an ink jet cartridge having said ink tank unit and an ink jet apparatus having said ink jet cartridge.. Canon, January 4, 1995: EP0631874-A2 (68 worldwide citation)

An ink jet cartridge comprises an ink jet head unit for discharging the ink, and an ink tank unit having an ink supply port for supplying the ink to the ink jet head unit. The ink tank unit has a partition portion for partitioning between an ink storing portion for storing the ink to be supplied to ...

Tsubakiyama Hideki: Mutual authentication / cipher key delivery system. Kokusai Denshin Denwa, January 4, 1995: GB2279540-A (65 worldwide citation)

A network and each user i share an encryption algorithm EKi() using his authentication key Ki as a cipher key, its inverse function EKi-1(), a specific function F() and its inverse function F<1)<), and a function G(). The network calculates C1 = EKi(F(rn, ru)), using a random number rn generated by ...

Zimmer Rene Jean, Bernard Yvon Andre, Frank Uwe Ernst, Lauer Wolfgang, Materne Thierry Florent Edme, Visel Friedrich: Silica based aggregates, elastomers reinforced therewith and tire with tread thereof.. Goodyear Tire & Rubber, January 4, 1995: EP0631982-A2 (58 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to aggregates comprised of particles which contain silicon dioxide and to elastomers reinforced therewith. The invention also relates to tires having treads composed of such reinforced elastomers.

Sackler Richard, Oshlack Benjamin, Goldenheim Paul, Chasin Mark, Kaiko Robert, Pedi Frank: Opioid formulations having extended controlled release.. Euro Celtique, January 4, 1995: EP0631781-A1 (57 worldwide citation)

Solid controlled-release oral dosage forms comprising a therapeutically effective amount of an opioid analgesic or a salt thereof which provide an extended duration of pain relief of about 24 hours, have a dissolution rate in-vitro of the dosage form, when measured by the USP Paddle Method of 100 rp ...

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