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Process for the preparation of thin moncrystalline or polycrystalline semiconductor material films, characterized in that it comprises subjecting a semiconductor material wafer having a planar face to the three following stages: a first stage of implantation by bombardment (2) of the face (4) of the ...

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An anonymous trading system identifies the best bids and offers from those counterparties with which each party is currently eligible to deal, while maintaining the anonymity of the potential counterparty and the confidentiality of any specific credit limitations imposed by the anonymous potential c ...

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Described herein is a minimally invasive surgical instrument comprising an elongate tubular section including a tubular portion and an end effector mount having first and second mount portions and a wrist mechanism associated with the first and second mount portions for permitting adjustment of the ...

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A proximity sensor system includes a sensor matrix array having a characteristic capacitance on horizontal and vertical conductors connected to sensor pads. The capacitance changes as a function of the proximity of an object or objects to the sensor matrix. The change in capacitance of each node in ...

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A system for monitoring and recording as data television program viewing habits utilizing a plurality of remote program monitor units in panelists households and automatically periodically reporting such data to a central computer via a conventional telephone network.

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A surgical device for closing an incision created by a trocar or similar surgical device is disclosed. The surgical device comprises a support member within which are disposed a first and second needle positioning means. Each of these means carries a suture needle in retrorse configuration relative ...

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A system which uses a specially coded deck of cards indicating the value and suit of the card or a value related to the count of the card as well as whether the card belongs to a particular set of cards senses the code on the card and sends the detected signal to a processor. The processor determine ...

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A dependable cost-effective clinical analyzer machine provides an efficient and easy-to-use diagnostics instrument and process to accurately, rapidly and automatically test and analyze samples in test packs for an analyte. In the clinical analyzer machine, remote-controlled trams transport test pack ...

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Disclosed is a lighting unit of an indirect type, capable of varying the luminance and color of illumination with respect to a target to be lit thereby ensuring an effective display of the target, and further capable of using itself as a display unit. The lighting unit comprises a light guide plate ...

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A video teleconferencing method and apparatus for computer workstations connected by a digital data network includes a transmission source portion for a local workstation to send audio and video teleconference data across the network to one or more remote workstations, and, a receiver for the local ...