Goble Nigel Mark, Goble Colin Charles Owen: Laparoscopic surgical instrument.. Gyrus Medical, November 9, 1994: EP0623316-A1 (562 worldwide citation)

A laparoscopic surgical instrument which may be in the form of forceps or a cutter has, at the end of a hollow tube (10) for introduction through the body cavity wall, a housing (14A, 14B), a pair of pivotally mounted metallic jaws (12A, 12B), a reciprocable control rod (18) in the tube (10), and an ...

Berg Eric P, Tuch Ronald J, Dror Michael, Wolff Rodney G: Intravascular stents.. Medtronic, November 9, 1994: EP0623354-A1 (469 worldwide citation)

The invention provides a method for making an intravascular stent by applying to the body of a stent a solution which comprises a solvent, a polymer dissolved in the solvent and a therapeutic substance dispersed in the solvent and then evaporating the solvent. The inclusion of a polymer in intimate ...

Schijf Hendrikus Johannes: Panel, and also a hinge section which is suitable, inter alia, for such a panel.. Schijf Hendrikus Johannes, November 9, 1994: EP0623724-A1 (165 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a panel for so-called sectional doors, in which a number of panels are hinged together by means of hinge parts which form part of the panel. Each panel consists of an elongated body part, which is formed by two side plates (2,2'; 30,30') lying a distance apart and along the ...

Blahut Donald Edgar, Szurkowski Edward Stanley: Integrated television services system.. At & T, November 9, 1994: EP0624039-A2 (110 worldwide citation)

A system is disclosed for delivering audio and/or video signals to users in connection with the provision of interactive television services. Various sources of such signals are connected to a digital network (10), such as a packet network. Also connected to such network are control (100) and applic ...

Neppl Franz Dr, Winnerl Josef Dr: Mosfet on soi substrate.. Siemens, November 9, 1994: EP0623963-A1 (91 worldwide citation)

A FET, in which a channel region is formed in a bridge (4) etched from the silicon layer of the SOI substrate, which bridge is enclosed in the manner of a bracket by a gate metallisation (5), a dielectric layer (6) being present between the gate metallisation (5) and the bridge (4) and the source an ...

Feist Heinz Rudi, Pohlmeyer Wilhelm, Frehse Joachim, Braun Max, Eichholz Kerstin, Rudolph Werner: Process for the preparation of esters of carboxylic acids from carboxylic acid halogenides and alcohols.. Solvay Fluor & Derivate, November 9, 1994: EP0623582-A2 (82 worldwide citation)

Described is a process for the preparation of esters of carboxylic acids from carboxylic acid halides or carboxylic anhydrides and alcohols, which process is catalysed by "onium" or metal salts of carboxylic acids. The process, which is technically simple, gives high yields of anhydrous products. Th ...

Thoman Jeffrey A, Gragg Brian D: Method and device for preventing unintended use of print cartridges.. Hewlett Packard Co, November 9, 1994: EP0623471-A2 (79 worldwide citation)

A first level carriage lockout scheme employs one set of cartridge tabs (14, 20, 24, 28) to differentiate print cartridges (17, 18, 22, 26) from each other for a first family of print cartridges, and another first level carriage lockout scheme employs another set of cartridge tabs (32,34; 38,40; 44, ...


Mitra Niranjan Kumar: An electrical connector with plug contact elements of plate material.. Connector Systems Tech, November 9, 1994: EP0623248-A1 (56 worldwide citation)

An electrical connector provided with at least one contact element designed as a plug contact and made up of two elongated plate parts (2, 3) which extend from a base part (1), are thereto joined in a fixed manner by means of one end (4, 5) and are situated opposite one another having a mutual inter ...

Finzel Lothar: Underground container for optical cables and connector. Siemens, November 9, 1994: GB2277812-A (49 worldwide citation)

An underground container 1 has a vertically disposed connection module 21 which receives cables 7 to be connected, which are wound in a helix around the module. The cables are movably laid through cable inlet sockets 5 and the module 21 is sealed.