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A sling is disclosed for retracting a body organ such as the uterus or bowel during a laparoscopic surgical operation. The sling is made of an appropriate material with suitable dimensions so that it can be inserted through a cannula customarily used for laparoscopic surgery. At each end of the slin ...

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A non-invasive device and method for monitoring concentration levels of blood and tissue constituents within a living subject such as a human or animal utilizes a polychromatic light source that emits light over a broad spectrum of wavelengths in the near infrared range. The light is passed through, ...

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A system for providing a personal location, access control and asset tracking service using an in-building telephone network is disclosed. In a first embodiment, users of ID badges containing an RF transmitter can be located across the telephone network for receiving incoming calls. Receiver units i ...

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A high pressure, high throughput, single wafer, semiconductor processing reactor is disclosed which is capable of thermal CVD, plasma-enhanced CVD, plasma-assisted etchback, plasma self-cleaning, and deposition topography modification by sputtering, either separately or as part of in-situ multiple s ...

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A drill bit for use with earth drilling equipment, the drill bit having a body and movable cutting members or blades variably positionable between a first position in which the diameter defined by the cutting members is generally equal to or less than the diameter of the drill bit body and a second ...

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Monitoring of an underground effluent deposit (2) and the exploration thereof are performed by installing various devices or user modules : reception arrays (Ri, Rj, Rk) such as geophones or hydrophones, condition sensors (C1, C2) , tools requiring electric power supply, etc, in various locations al ...

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A fiber optic module which includes a framework receiving circuit card cartridges. The cartridges have a plate which extends along the sides of the housing with the first edge extending a differing length than the second edge. The module includes a housing having a framework with spaces for receivin ...

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A first inflatable retraction device has a first inflatable chamber and a non-pressurized chamber inside the main chamber. The non-pressurized chamber is expanded by inflating a second inflatable chamber. The non-pressurized chamber enables the main chamber to remain inflated when an aperture is cut ...

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The present invention relates to an vitro device for the removal of ionized substances from a membrane sample without mechanical penetration, which device comprises:

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A device for speeding the pace of a game of blackjack is provided. The device is comprised of a housing having a top surface and an upper planar portion. The top surface will be connected on top to the upper planar portion. A card reader for reading a corner of a specialized playing card is located ...