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An apparatus is provided for the internal fixation of the spine. The apparatus comprises two sets of implants (8) each consisting of a rod (18) and a plurality of vertebral anchors (16). The rod (18) is secured to the vertebral elements by the vertebral anchors (16). The anchor (16) includes a trans ...

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An aortic graft, and method and apparatus for repairing an abdominal aortic aneurysm includes a tubular graft which is intraluminally delivered through the aorta and secured to the aorta by the expansion and deformation of a thin-walled tubular member.

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The present invention involves a system for interactively designing prosthetic implants using two x-ray images, for example two femoral x-rays for designing a hip implant. The x-rays are scanned into a computer which electronically stores and displays the representations of the images. The computer ...

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A method and apparatus are provided for verifying the identity of a system user. Each user has a token which processes an inputted seed to generate a stored value which is either a current seed value or a function thereof. This value is then changed to generate a new current seed in response to each ...

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A mirror assembly is disclosed which includes a dichroic mirror which allows a predetermined narrow spectral band to pass through the mirror and be seen from a position forward of the mirror, and which further reflects a broad spectral band of light which originates from a direction forward of the m ...

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A laparoscopic surgical cutting tool has a handle attached to a hollow tube. A tube end segment is pivotally attached to the tube. A linkage connects the handle to the end segment to allow the surgeon to adjust the angle between the end segment and tube, using the handle. A step projects upwardly at ...

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A needleless access device and method of using the device is disclosed. The needleless access device has a housing having an inlet opening and an outlet opening and a channel formed therethrough. Movably friction fitted in the channel adjacent the inlet opening is a piston. The piston is biased upwa ...

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An intervertebral locking device includes a bottom base, a bracing member, a top base, and at least one adjusting arm. The bottom base is provided on the upper surface thereof with a fastening member and on the lower surface thereof with one or more spikes. The bracing member has a bottom united wit ...

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The occluder supporter of the present invention is installed to the valve of a mammalian heart and is a device for preventing valve reflux. The characterizing feature of the present invention is the provision of a plurality of stitched attachments which are sewn on to the edge of the occluder and of ...

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The syringe includes a plunger and an adapter carrying a needle, the adapter being threaded into the end of the barrel for withdrawal, upon connection with the plunger and together with the needle, into the interior of the barrel. To prevent the adapter from unseating from the barrel end before or d ...