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Described herein is a minimally invasive surgical instrument comprising an elongate tubular section including a tubular portion (10) and an end effector mount (424) having first (420) and second (422) mount portions and a wrist mechanism (410) associated with the first and second mount portions for ...

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A self contained gas powered endoscopic surgical apparatus (50) is provided for placing lateral lines of surgical fasteners into body tissue. The apparatus includes an anvil member (56) and a surgical fastener cartridge member (58) mounted to the distal end of an elongated endoscopic portion (54). A ...

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An implant comprising several support bodies (7) made of an elastic plastic is provided to substitute a part, which is no longer capable of support, of the core region of an intervertebral disc (3). The support bodies (7) are successively introduced into a central cavity (5) formed in the core regio ...

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The invention disclosed is a method of treating tissue damage comprising applying a negative pressure to a wound sufficient in time and magnitude to promote tissue migration and thus facilitate closure of the wound. The method is applicable to wounds, burns, infected wounds, and live tissue attachme ...

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A method for the identification of microorganisms is disclosed, comprising first isolating genomic DNA from the suspect microorganism. The isolated DNA has variable sequences interspersed between highly conserved rDNA sequences. The variable sequences are amplified. The amplification reaction is car ...

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The stent comprises a cylindrical wall (1) formed by meshed wires (2) and a covering layer (3) of elastic material extending on a portion of its length, with an outer surface (4), and totally embracing the wire mesh.

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A surface-mountable antenna unit including a dielectric substrate (21) having a rectangular plane shape which is provided on a side surface (21b) and/or a bottom surface thereof with a ground electrode (23), and a radiator (22), provided with a radiating part having a substantially rectangular plane ...

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The particulate phase of cement slurries according to the present invention comprises particles which have specifically adapted size ranges or granulometries. All the essential properties of slurry and its cost are very clearly improved. Application to all the well cementing operations in oil wells ...

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An interactive computer-controlled management system for real-time data gathering and analysis of process information relating to a plurality of data sources in a facility and for controlling process functions of the data sources. In a preferred embodiment, the data sources include gas cabinet panel ...

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An intravascular stent comprising a cylindrical sheet having overlapping edges that interlock. The edges have a series of protrusions and apertures (33) that interlock and ratchet as the stent expands to an open position to support a section of arterial wall. The stent may be expanded by a balloon c ...