Robert Senzig
Jiang Hsieh, Robert F Senzig: Method for recursive filtering residual afterglow from previous computed tomography scans. General Electric Company, Quarles & Brady, October 25, 1994: US05359638 (15 worldwide citation)

A computed tomography imaging system has a source of radiation and a radiation detector that has an exponential impulse response characterized by a plurality of N components with different time constants. The source and the detector are revolved about an object to be imaged and the output of the det ...

Pal Svedman: Irrigation dressing. Cushman Darby & Cushman, October 25, 1994: US05358494 (568 worldwide citation)

An irrigation dressing for deep wounds comprises an adhesive, substantially liquid- and air-impermeable plate (1) having at least one perforation (6, 7) for supplying and sucking off liquid, and for pressure equalization. The perforation is provided with a conduit (10) for supplying and sucking off ...

Joseph H Schulman, Primoz Strojnik, Paul Meadows: Implantable microdevice with self-attaching electrodes. Alfred E Mann Foundation for Scientific Research, Fitch Even Tabin & Flannery, October 25, 1994: US05358514 (566 worldwide citation)

An implantable microminiature stimulator and/or sensor (microdevice) is housed within a sealed housing that includes all the requisite electronic circuitry for inductively receiving power and control signals to sense of biopotential or other biomedical signals and/or to generate electrical stimulati ...

David T Green, Henry Bolanos, Jeffrey J Blewett, Keith Ratcliff, Frank J Viola, Charles R Sherts: Approximating apparatus for surgical jaw structure. United States Surgical Corporation, October 25, 1994: US05358506 (390 worldwide citation)

Approximating apparatus for surgical jaw structure is provided which effects substantially parallel approximation of first and second surgical jaw structure to permit substantially parallel working interaction therebetween. The approximating apparatus includes camming structure for engaging at least ...

Brian H Luscombe, Izi Bruker, Leslie Hamilton, Thu A Le: Two part surgical fastener. Ethicon, Paul A Coletti, October 25, 1994: US05358510 (283 worldwide citation)

A method of tissue compression is disclosed herein where the device to cause such compression is composed of a fastener bar and receiver. The device has the capability to self-adjust to tissues of varying thicknesses to cause hemostasis. This tissue gap variability allows for compression of regions ...

Yu Chin Lai, Dominic V Ruscio, Paul L Valint Jr: Surface wettable silicone hydrogels. Bausch & Lomb Incorporated, David M Krasnow, October 25, 1994: US05358995 (267 worldwide citation)

A novel silicone-containing, hydrogel material is disclosed comprising an acrylic-capped polysiloxane prepolymer, polymerized with a bulky polysiloxanylalkyl (meth)acrylate monomer and at least one hydrophilic monomer.

C Eric Hunter: Shuttered and cycled light emitting diode display and method of producing the same. Cree Research, Bell Seltzer Park & Gibson, October 25, 1994: US05359345 (265 worldwide citation)

A high resolution, full color display is provided having a liquid crystal pixel selectably addressable during a predetermined time period, a set of at least one red, one green and one blue color light source adjacent the liquid crystal pixel for emitting light through the liquid crystal pixel, and m ...

John P Little, R Scott McMahon, Mark Gingrich, Roleigh H Martin: Health care payment adjudication and review system. United Healthcare Corporation, Patterson & Keough, October 25, 1994: US05359509 (263 worldwide citation)

A computerized expert system reviews and adjudicates medical health care payment requests made by physicians to payers, such as insurers, for procedures performed and services and materials rendered to patients in the course of treatment. The system adjudicates a payment request to minimize fraud an ...

Trevor R Stockill: Personal computer with broadcast receiver on expansion board controlled by computer microprocessor. Videologic, Flynn Thiel Boutell & Tanis, October 25, 1994: US05359367 (261 worldwide citation)

A broadcast receiver (22) for receiving television broadcast signals carrying encoded data e.g. teletext information, includes a tuner (30), a demodulator (32) and a data extractor (36) for decoding the data. The receiver is coupled to a computer through a bus (38) and an interface controller (40). ...

Stanford R Ovshinsky: Electrically erasable memory elements characterized by reduced current and improved thermal stability. Energy Conversion Devices, Marvin S Siskind, October 25, 1994: US05359205 (246 worldwide citation)

Disclosed herein is a solid state, directly overwritable, non-volatile, high density, low cost, low energy, high speed, readily manufacturable, single cell memory element having reduced switching current requirements and an increased thermal stability of data retention. The memory element includes a ...

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