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A CATV gaming system including a CATV network having a multiplicity of subscriber units each including a television, receiving apparatus for receiving gaming inputs from the multiplicity of subscriber units, transmitting apparatus for transmitting to the multiplicity of subscriber units information ...

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A system is provided for inserting selected commercials from a remote source via satellite into pre-cued cable network commercial breaks at targeted regional groupings of local cable headend operators without storage of the commercials at each headend. By sequencing the avails used for insertion amo ...

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A method for dynamically building dialog boxes (240) within a graphical user interface application (225). A description language (230) is provided to build a description file which contains dialog box templates. This method accommodates content changes of the dialog boxes by using the templates for ...

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A compound of the formula : wherein R is hydrogen or lower alkyl, R is hydrogen, lower alkyl, halo(lower)alkyl, halogen or lower alkoxy, R and R are each hydrogen, lower alkyl or taken together to form oxo, R is hydrogen, halogen, nitro, hydroxy, protected hydroxy, lower alkyl or lower alkoxy option ...

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In a gas turbine assembly which essentially comprises a compressor (2), a first combustion chamber (3), a first turbine (4), a second combustion chamber (5) and a second turbine (6), the first combustion chamber (3) is designed as annular combustion chamber. The said annular combustion chamber (3) i ...

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A supporting member or first synthetic resin sheet with conductive bumps disposed at predetermined positions are superposed on a second synthetic resin sheet under the condition that the resin component of the second synthetic resin sheet is plastic deformed or the temperature thereof exceeds a glas ...

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A class of 1H-indole-3-acetamides, represented by the formula (I), and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof; is disclosed together with the use of such indole compounds for inhibiting sPLA2 mediated release of fatty acids for treatment of conditions such as septic shock.

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In an optical cross-connect system, incoming and outgoing fiber optic trunks carrying WTDM signals are terminated to first inlet ports and first outlet ports of an optical space switch. A wavelength division demultiplexer is connected to a second outlet port of the optical space switch and a wavelen ...

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Disclosed herein is a polymer composition for hydrophilic treatment containing a volatile base and I a) an olefinic polymer with more than 50% carboxylic groups, b) a polymer free of carboxylic groups containing groups capable of forming hydrogen bonds, and eventually c) a polymer containing carboxy ...

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A communications system comprises a base station (10) and a mobile radio (11) arranged for communication over a TDMA channel having a predetermined frame reference. The base station receives signals from the mobile radio, measures the timing of those signals relative to the frame reference and trans ...