Jacques Fournet Fayard: Pin for interspinal prosthesis. Brio Bio Rhone Implant Medical, October 7, 1994: FR2703239-A1 (159 worldwide citation)

It comprises means for passing through and immobilising a strap (2b) with at least one cushion (2a) of an interspinal prosthesis (2) after fitting of the latter between the spinal apophyses (1b) of two neighbouring vertebrae (1a) of a vertebral column (1).

Christian Jaulmes: Two-directional centrifugal pump. Seim, October 7, 1994: FR2703409-A1 (56 worldwide citation)

The pump comprises a turbine (4) which can be driven in both directions of rotation (F1, F2) and two tangential outlet passages (8, 9) so as to direct the pumped fluid preferentially towards one or other of these passages depending on the direction of rotation. Each outlet passage (8, 9) is provided ...

Buchholtz, Schaetzle: Therapeutic device for treating pathological tissue by means of ultrasonic waves and a catheter. Siemens, October 7, 1994: FR2703254-A1 (20 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a therapeutic device for treating pathological tissue by means of focussed ultrasonic waves, which has a catheter (19) which can be introduced into the body of a patient to be treated and which is provided with at least one pressure sensor (D1, D2) in the region of its dista ...

Gilles Gallois, Michel Netter, Francis Ovaert: Water-retaining tank for planting complex, and corresponding planting complex. Smac Acieroid, October 7, 1994: FR2703213-A1 (18 worldwide citation)

Each tank (1) of the planting complex comprises, on two opposite sides (2), complementary means of mutual fastening (4, 5; 4A, 5A) comprising means (14; 14A) of retention for two adjacent tanks in relation to one another in the vertical direction when these two tanks are connected to one another by ...

Alfred Carel Jean Louis: Servo-controlled mechanical system including means for compensating for friction. Sfim, October 7, 1994: FR2703415-A1 (14 worldwide citation)

The invention proposes a servo-controlled mechanical system of the type including at least two elements (10, 12) mounted so they can move one relative to the other by means of a bearing (20) so that they can move in at least one direction of relative displacement (D) under the action of a motor (14) ...

Michel Cattoire, Robert Hassenfratz, Alain Valla, Claude Zahnd, Robert Drobois, Georges Dubois: Storage unit, particularly for fitting-out a recess, for example the inside of a cupboard. Sogal France, October 7, 1994: FR2703226-A1 (13 worldwide citation)

Storage unit, particularly for fitting-out a recess, for example the inside of a cupboard, characterised in that it comprises, in the assembled position: - a first module (1) forming a column (upright), consisting at least of two parallel side panels (2, 3) and a transverse linking panel (4) joining ...

Marko Erman: Optical filter having a ring resonator. Cit Alcatel, October 7, 1994: FR2703473-A1 (12 worldwide citation)

The ring resonator (4) of this filter has the shape of a polygon, the sides of which are segments of light guides (12, 14, 16, 18) and the vertices of which are formed by mirrors (22, 24, 26, 28) optically connecting these segments to each other. These segments and these mirrors are formed in a semi ...

Patrick Foulgoc: Miniaturised camera (picture-taking) and projection device. Foulgoc Patrick, October 7, 1994: FR2703475-A1 (12 worldwide citation)

The present device relates to the fields of professional photography and of processing using laser radiation. It consists in scanning the picture-taking and projection axis of an optical fibre by moving a prism or mirror which is itself set into vibration by virtue of the movement of piezoelectric p ...

Olivier Jeanne, Marc Malamasse: Priming bulb especially for a fuel circuit for a diesel engine. Meillor, October 7, 1994: FR2703403-A1 (12 worldwide citation)

Liquid priming bulb interposed between two ends (10, 18) of one and the same tube (20), especially for priming a fuel circuit of a diesel engine, comprising on the one hand a body (10) made of a flexible material, at the ends of which are formed a first and a second opening forming the inlet upstrea ...

Philippe Lombard, Rui de Oliveira: Absolute incremental numerical encoder, installation and machine comprising this encoder. Aut Comp, Lombard Philippe, Oliveira Rui de, Oliveira de Rui, October 7, 1994: FR2703450-A1 (11 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a rotary numerical encoder intended to supply a signal representing the angular displacement in rotation of a rotary shaft (1) with respect to a chassis from an absolute initial reference position, characterised in that it comprises integrated means (13, 14, 15, 16, 17) for ...