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A video coding apparatus insuring a high coding efficiency even at a low bit rate is provided. The apparatus comprises a moving object analyzer 2 which extracts a moving part from an input picture signal, analyzes its motion and outputs a residual signal relative to a reconstruction image and motion ...

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A curable composition of a monomeric heterocyclic acrylic or methacrylic ester and an acrylate or methacrylate polymer is used to promote tissue repair, especially cartilage repair. The monomer has the formula: where R = H or CH3 X = 3 to 6 membered heterocyclic ring @@m = 0, 1 or 2.

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This invention relates to a cleansing cloth or applicator containing a low-viscosity antimicrobial emulsion useful in combatting the microorganisms that cause diaper rash.

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A smart card (100) comprises an electronic data memory (110); an interface unit (160) connected to the data memory, to allow access to the data memory by an external card accessing apparatus (170); and a liquid crystal display (120) operable to display information indicative of the contents of the d ...

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A battery monitoring apparatus 110 in a remote control unit measures the time it takes for a charging circuit C160 connected to the battery +V, to charge to a predetermined level. A weak battery takes a longer time to charge than does a fully charged battery. The charging time associated with a full ...

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Disclosed are a catalyst and a process for purifying exhaust gases. The catalyst includes a porous support, Pt and/or Pd loaded on the porous support, and at least two ingredients loaded thereon and capable of reacting with NOx and SO2 contained in the exhaust gases to form nitrates and composite su ...

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A master controller 1 connected to the controlled devices 2 - 6, and a remote controller 9 for controlling operation of each of the controlled devices are provided. A memory in the remote controller stores identities of available devices. The identities (and perhaps manufacturers' identities) of the ...

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The formation of paper webs useful for facial tissue, bath tissue, paper towels or the like is substantially improved by forming the web in layers in which the second-formed layer has a consistency which is significantly less than the consistency of the first-formed layer. The web is formed in layer ...

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The invention provides a process for the preparation of liquid organic compounds, suitable as base materials for lubricants, comprising contacting one of more alpha-olefins containing 8 to 20 carbon atoms per molecule, under oligomerisation conditions with a catalyst composition based on a) a Group ...

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Dialkyl-1-H-3-(2,4-dimethylphenyl)-pyrrolidine-2,4-diones of the formula (I) in which A represents alkyl which is optionally substituted by halogen and B represents C2-C10-alkyl or A and B together with the carbon atom to which they are bonded represent an unsubstituted cycle, G represents hydrogen ...