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An accumulator for a multiple jackpot gaming system wherein the accumulator has the facility for date stamping jackpot-wins, recording the identification of devices and changes being made by such devices to its data and/or programming, allocating coins-in to one or more jackpot groups and/or to one ...

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The specification discloses a sterile system and associated method for dressing vascular access sites in the skin penetrated by needles or catheters. The system includes a sealed container defining a sterile enclosure within which are provided dressing components including a sterile absorbent pad fo ...

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Improved Implant assemblies and methodologies provide immuno-protection for implanted allografts, xenografts, and isografts. The assemblies and methodologies establish an improved chamber for holding the implanted cells. The chambers include first and second wall elements and an intermediate sealing ...

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A portable hand-held monitor (1) for monitoring vital signs is connected, via a single connector (7), with a cable (9). This cable ends up in a combiner (10) which, in turn, receives plugs (12a to 12d) leading, via cables (11a to 11d), to single sensors or transducers applied to a patient. Portable ...

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A stent delivery system having an expandable stent in a contracted condition positioned on an expandable member, such as an inflatable balloon, disposed on the distal portion of an elongated catheter body. A guidewire extends through an inner lumen within the elongated catheter body and out its dist ...

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An improved hybrid electric vehicle includes an internal combustion engine and an electric motor. Both the motor and the engine provide torque to drive the vehicle directly through a controllable torque transfer unit. Typically at low speeds or in traffic, the electric motor alone drives the vehicle ...

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An instrument for cutting body tissue and applying a plurality of two part surgical fasteners to the body tissue on each side of the cut. The instrument includes a U-shaped distal portion, and a body having a longitudinal portion for enclosing an axial drive means for pushing fasteners into position ...

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A process for the preparation of toner compositions with a volume median particle size of from about 1 to about 25 microns, which process comprises:

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A catheter with a retractable anchor mechanism for providing drugs and/or electrical stimulation to the human body. The catheter has a flexible tubular casing consisting of a outer member and an inner member which enclose at least one lumen. The retractable anchor mechanism is located near the dista ...

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A surgical trocar includes an operative sleeve adapted for disposition across a tissue barrier and an obturator removably disposed in the sleeve. A source of energy is introduced to a cutting element disposed at the distal end of the obturator for energizing the cutting element to cut tissue barrier ...