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In video lottery terminals that employ touch screens to permit a number of different games to be played on the same machine, the play of certain games can be improved by using electromechanical game buttons in conjunction with touch screen controls.

Gregory L Ruff: Inserting device for a barbed tissue connector. Dermagraphics, Richard W Evans, August 30, 1994: US05342376 (678 worldwide citation)

An inserting device is disclosed for positioning a barbed tissue connector in tissue to close a wound. The barbed tissue connector is of a type which includes a generally rigid elongated body having a pointed leading end and a plurality of axially spaced barbs on the elongated body. The inserting de ...

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A method and device are provided for sealing a perforation in the wall of, for example, a blood vessel. The device is in the form of a two part closure which seals the hole by clamping the tissue surrounding the hole from both the inside and the outside of the vessel. In accordance with one exemplar ...

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A load-bearing, bioabsorbable surgical repair device manufactured from a copolymer having a plurality of first linkages of lactide or lactide/glycolide, and a plurality of second linkages of a polymer having a glass transition temperature below ambient temperature. The second linkages preferably are ...

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An electrosurgical probe is disclosed which provides the ability to both cut and cauterize tissue. The probe includes at least one cauterization electrode mounted upon a distal portion of the electrode and adapted to deliver electrosurgical energy to tissue. Further, a central lumen is disposed with ...

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A multi-electrode cardiac catheter has pairs of electrodes connected to sensing circuitry to produce a differential signal. The sensing output is sharply defined and self-normalizing. Preferably a catheter ablation tip electrode is an electrode of one pair, and the differential signal becomes non-ze ...

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A hand operable bipolar combination scissors and forceps instrument. The instrument comprises two interfacing blade members wherein at least one blade member is pivotable in relation to the other blade member and wherein each blade member is an electrode to which current can flow. Each blade member ...

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A memory array of PROM, EPROM or EEPROM cells has each cell formed in a trench of a thick oxide layer deposited on a silicon substrate, in a manner that a significant portion of opposing areas of the floating gate and control gate of each cell which provide capacitive coupling between them are forme ...

Melvin S Cook: Staples. Kaplan and Mugno, August 30, 1994: US05342396 (518 worldwide citation)

An improved surgical staple is disclosed wherein predetermined regions of the staple legs are weakened to cause bending and deformation of said legs in a controlled manner. The staple provides a uniform compression of a tissue into which it is inserted.

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An interactive television system where interactive information is inserted in the vertical blanking interval of a standard television signal. The signal is received and decoded by a stetop decoder which sends the decoded signal via an infrared signal to a handheld device. The viewer using the handhe ...