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A supermicrocellular foamed material and a method for producing such material, the material to be foamed such as a polymerplastic material, having a supercritical fluid, such as carbon dioxide in its supercritical state, introduced into the material to form a foamed fluid/material system having a pl ...

David Turkel: Thoracentesis needle assembly utilizing check valve. Symbiosis Corporation, David P Gordon, August 2, 1994: US05334159 (130 worldwide citation)

A thoracentesis needle assembly is provided and generally comprises a longitudinally extending hollow needle which is sharp at its distal end, a longitudinally extending hollow probe which extends through the hollow needle and has a blunt distal end with an opening, a spring which is coupled to the ...

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A stripping and cleaning composition for removing resists and etching residue from substrates containing hydroxylamine and at least one alkanolamine is described. Further, a cleaning composition for removing etching residue from semiconductor substrates containing hydroxylamine, at least one alkanol ...

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An interconnect structure for connecting an integrated circuit (IC) chip to a supporting substrate is described. The supporting substrate serves to communicate signals between the IC chip and the "outside world," such as other IC chips. In one embodiment, the interconnect structure comprises an inte ...

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An improved vascular reinforcing stent for use in angioplasty which comprises a sleeve tubular stent of a cross-linkable substance that is completely encapsulated within a biologically compatible film and a process for using such a stent.

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A surgical apparatus for removing fasteners from the body includes an endoscopic portion for insertion through an endoscopic tube and a fastener removing assembly positioned at the distal end of the endoscopic portion. By engaging a fastener with the fastener removing assembly, a surgeon can actuate ...

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A portable computer having a hinge assembly which allows the cover and display screen to be tilted from the base of the portable computer and then swiveled about a vertical axis. One hinge is provided at the rear edge of the base of the portable computer about which the cover both tilts and swivels. ...

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A nasogastric tube which includes a flexible, collapsible introducer sheath for facilitating guided gastric intubation of an enteral feeding tube. The collapsible sheath is made of thin polyvinyl chloride, is puncture and tear resistant, and is molded externally and lengthwise to a nasogastric tube. ...

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A phase locked loop including a switch between a phase detector output and a VCO input to open the PLL during a frequency change is provided. While the PLL is open, an analog error correction signal is generated by sampling any residual error coming from the phase detector, and generating the analog ...

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In a character recognition system, a method and apparatus for segmenting a document image into areas containing text and non-text. Document segmentation in the present invention is comprised generally of the steps of: providing a bit-mapped representation of the document image, extracting run length ...