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The instrument consists of a hollow elongated cylindrical housing having a stimulator circuit and a receptor circuit disposed therein. Stimulator leads are connected to the stimulator circuit and receptor leads are connected to the receptor circuit. The housing includes a display means and a stimula ...

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An over-erased bit correction structure is provided for performing a correction operation on over-erased memory cells in an array of flash EEPROM memory cells during programming operations so as to render high endurance. Sensing circuitry (23) is used to detect column leakage current indicative of a ...

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An endotracheal respiration system is disclosed which includes a respirator manifold which includes a port for attachment and detachment of an accessory device thereto without interruption of continuous respiratory support of the patient. A particular embodiment of an accessory device described here ...

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An orthopaedic support includes a sheet of foam material that has been compression molded in specific areas. These areas have a thickness and density that is different from other areas of the support and serve to better fit the support to the body. The support may include compression molded grooves ...

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An improved surgical tool of the type comprising a handle assembly having a movable tool-operating handle member, a tool head having first and second tissue-engaging members movable between open and closed positions relative to one another, and a mechanism coupling the tool head to the handle assemb ...

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An apparatus is disclosed for engaging surgical implants to facilitate the endoscopic application of the plant in laparoscopic surgery. The apparatus includes an attachment portion having an aperture therein and an anchor portion attached thereto. The invention also provides a method and apparatus f ...

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The invention provides composite elastic nonwoven fabrics and the process of making them. The composite elastic fabrics of the invention include an elastomeric net and at least one fibrous web including binder fibers and which is intimately hydroentangled with the elastomeric net. At least a portion ...

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An apparatus includes a flexible, elongated tubular member and a tube arranged to lie inside the tubular member. The tube has a lumen extending along the central axis of the tubular member. In one embodiment, the tube is made of a temperature-activated shape memory metal. In another embodiment, the ...

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A seal apparatus is provided for use in a subterranean wellbore having a wellbore tubular disposed therein. The wellbore tubular defines a wellbore surface. The seal includes a number of components which cooperate together. A conveyance tubular is provided, which is positionable within the subterran ...

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A method and apparatus for delivering an order to a home and utilizing credit information to verify and accept payment for the order. The method and apparatus verify credit information on site at the door of a home contemporaneously with delivery of an order.