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The invention relates to a instrument for laparoscopic surgery which permits the operating surgeon to irrigate or suction the operative area while performing electrocautery or laser hemostasis and dissection of body tissue with the same instrument.

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A device for monitoring and comparing present, past and ideal performances on an exercise machine senses a preselected set of factors chosen to represent the present performance of the user on the machine. A Central Processing Unit operates under a predetermined set of user controlled instructions t ...

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A modular and portable system adapted to provide inventory control functions comprises a programmable master module including a display, a keypad, and processing electronics, and a scanning module for reading bar code symbols, where the master module is interconnectable with the scanning module to f ...

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A synthetic catalytic oligonucleotide structure and nucleotides having the general structural formula (I) contains: ##STR1## in which B represents a nucleoside base which is in particular selected from the group comprising adenin-9-yl (A), cytosin-1-yl (C), guanin-9-yl (G), uracil-1-yl (U), uracil-5 ...

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Position determining apparatus including at least one base station including a base transmitter which periodically transmits timing signals and a plurality of mobile remote units. Each remote unit includes a mobile receiver operative to receive timing signals transmitted by at least one base transmi ...

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A method of growing in vapor phase a semiconductor crystal layer supplies a reaction gas to a portion above the surface of a heated substrate so as to be parallel or obliquely to the substrate, and uses a transparent blow tube widened toward its blow port like a funnel to blow a pressing gas, which ...

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A small bead-like automatic guard for the tip of a standard one-time use hypodermic needle which initially resides near the needle tip and becomes activated by movement of the guard away from the tip due to insertion of the needle through the skin. At withdrawal a coil spring in conjunction with the ...

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A point of sale terminal is disclosed that provides all of the usual point of sale terminal functions, but that is entirely field portable. Data pertinent to each purchase can be input to the terminal via a keyboard assembly, a touch-screen display or a signature-capture screen assembly, or via an a ...

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A fixation screw for attaching to a bone has at least one flute which traverses the proximal portion of the thread to form reverse cutting faces on the thread at the proximal portion. The cutting faces are arranged to cut the bone when the screw is rotated in a reverse rotational direction to ease i ...

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A catheter device and method for laparoscopically dilating the sphincter muscle to flush common bile duct stones into the duodenum is set forth where the catheter consists of a flexible tube having three lumens. An inflatable balloon is carried by the flexible tube at its distal end and is inflatabl ...