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Encoded video recorder/player timer preprogramming information listed in a television calendar allows a timer preprogramming feature on a video cassette recorder VCR to be programmed using a compressed code of as few as 1 to 8 digits, which are decoded by a decoder built into either the video casset ...

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A guidewire having a metal wire core and a high performance plastic sleeve extruded thereover. A tapering distal portion of the metal wire core extends beyond the high performance plastic sleeve. A coil formed of radiopaque material is mounted about the distal portion. A compliant jacket covers the ...

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A voice-actuated environmental operator system of the kind which enables a user/patient to use simple voice commands to control a plurality of hospital environment room functions including operation of selected bed movement and room environment functions associated with a provided multi-function hos ...

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Novel gelatinous compositions and articles are formed from an intimate melt blend admixture of poly(styrene-ethylene-butylene-styrene) triblock copolymer and high levels of a plasticizing oil.

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A backside textured papermaking belt is disclosed which is comprised of a framework and a reinforcing structure. The framework has a first surface which defines the paper-contacting side of the belt, a second surface opposite the first surface, and conduits which extend between first and second surf ...

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There is disclosed herein a machine for performing nucleic acid amplification under computer control. The machine utilizes any one of a number of heating and cooling systems under control of a host computer which directs the heating and cooling systems to heat and cool a reaction-chamber-containing ...

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A device for monitoring and comparing present, past and ideal performances on an exercise machine senses a preselected set of factors chosen to represent the present performance of the user on the machine. A Central Processing Unit operates under a predetermined set of user controlled instructions t ...

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A new and improved laparoscopic trocar and sleeve assembly in which the trocar is provided with a transparent tip and accommodates a light telescope for supplying a video console so that while the trocar is being surgically inserted through the abdominal wall and into the abdominal cavity, visualiza ...

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A method of fabricating a multi-layered interconnection structure which comprises the steps of: forming a first wiring layer on a silicon oxide film having a compressive stress; forming a thick (2 to 3.5 .mu.m) fluorine-containing silicon oxide film at a temperature not higher than 200 .degree. C.; ...