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A method and apparatus for providing an enhanced capability of detecting and gathering electrical cardiac signals via an array of relatively closely spaced subcutaneous electrodes (located on the body of an implanted device) which may be employed with suitable switching circuits, signal processors, ...

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A cardiac valve implanted within the heart is given where a expansible valve maintained in a collapsed form by cold temperature is percutaneously inserted along a releasable guide wire in a cooled sheath and when positioned is expanded by withdrawing the cold temperature.

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A computer file system, having a multiplicity of distinct disk storage devices, includes a multiplicity of file directories, stored on various disks. Each file directory is used to translate file names into corresponding tag values. For each disk there is a file descriptor table with a file descript ...

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An Integrated Messaging System which integrates mail from a plurality of mail servers handling messages of different media types such as text, voice, facsimile, video and image. The IMS maintains the in-basket for all mail systems, eliminating the need to collect each type of mail separately. Any te ...

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A fluid operated retractor for use in surgery. The retractor has a portion which is expandable upon the introduction of fluid under pressure. The expandable portion is made of a material strong enough, and is inflated to enough pressure, to spread adjoining tissues within the body. The retractor is ...

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An electronic poker game apparatus (10) including user-actuated input members (22) and an electronic game control device (42) electrically connected to input members (22) and responsive to user input to simulate play of a poker game. The game control device (42) generates a plurality of signals repr ...

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An improved stud poker game which requires no decisions from the player after the initial bet is placed. Each hand has one guaranteed wild card that appears at a card position which is predetermined, and shown to the player, before the player's cards are dealt. In addition to the one guaranteed wild ...

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An automatic closed loop drilling system is disclosed for providing automatic directional drilling capabilities in a bottomhole assembly. The drilling system includes at least one adjustable stabilizer that varies in response to formational and drilling conditions encountered downhole. A microcontro ...