Makino Yuji, Kobayashi Hideki, Suzuki Yoshiki: Pharmaceutical preparation for intra-airway administration.. Teijin, July 20, 1994: EP0606486-A1 (162 worldwide citation)

A pharmaceutical preparation for intra-airway administration, comprising a powdery preparation for intra-airway administration contained in a container made from a material mainly comprising at least one member selected from the group consisting of hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, methylcellulose, hydr ...

Broer Dirk J, Lub Johan: Chloresteric polarizer and the manufacture thereof.. Koninkl Philips Electronics, July 20, 1994: EP0606940-A2 (146 worldwide citation)

A broadband cholesteric polarizer is described, as well as a method of manufacturing such a polarizer. Said polarizer comprises an optically active layer of a polymer material having a cholesteric order, said material being oriented so that the axis of the molecular helix extends transversely to the ...

Park Kyucharn, Lee Yeseung, Ban Cheonsu, Lee Kyungwook: Soi transistor dram device and method of producing the same.. Samsung Electronics, July 20, 1994: EP0606758-A1 (122 worldwide citation)

A method for making a dynamic random access memory by silicon-on-insulator comprising the steps of: dividing a cell area and a peripheral area on a first silicon substrate (1) and recessing just the cell area where a memory device is formed; forming a first insulating layer (3) by isolation of elect ...

Harward Mark G: Field programmable distributed processing memory.. Texas Instruments, July 20, 1994: EP0606653-A1 (115 worldwide citation)

A field programmable distributed processing memory comprises a first memory array and a second memory array. Further, a field programmable data path is coupled to both the first and second memory arrays. The field programmable data path is capable of performing data processing functions.

Suzuki Teruhiko C O Sony Corpo, Yagasaki Yoichi C O Sony Corpo, Yonemitsu Jun C O Sony Corpora: Picture signal coding method, decoding method and picture signal recording medium.. Sony, July 20, 1994: EP0606868-A2 (100 worldwide citation)

A picture signal coding method and decoding method and a picture signal recording medium (10) by which a picture is prevented from being interrupted upon high speed reproduction are disclosed. A GOP is constituted from pictures of 15 frames. Of those pictures, an I-picture and P-pictures are collect ...

Vaan Adrianus Johannes S de, Schaareman Paulus Bartholomeus: Illumination system and display device including such a system.. Koninkl Philips Electronics, July 20, 1994: EP0606939-A1 (71 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a display device (1) having a transmission display panel (3) and an illumination system (11) which comprises a radiation source (13) and a diffuser (17). To achieve a high polarization conversion, a cholesteric filter (19) is arranged between the radiation source (13) and th ...

Maruta Kazuhiko, Sugimoto Toshiyuki, Kubota Michio, Miyake Toshio: Non-reducing saccharide-forming enzyme, and its preparation and uses.. Hayashibara Biochem Lab, July 20, 1994: EP0606753-A2 (68 worldwide citation)

Disclosed are novel non-reducing saccharide-forming enzyme, and its preparation and uses. The enzyme is obtainable from the culture of microorganisms such as Rhizobium sp. M-11 (FERM BP 4130) and Arthrobacter sp. Q36 (FERM BP-4316), and capable of forming non-reducing saccharides having a trehalose ...

Lane Frank Anton, Augenbraun Joseph Ellis, Boyce Jill Macdonald, Fuhrer Jack Selig, Henderson John Goodchilde Nori, Mohri Katsuo, Okamoto Hiroo, Oku Masuo, Plotnick Michael Allen: Digital video recording device.. Hitachi, July 20, 1994: EP0606857-A2 (62 worldwide citation)

A digital video tape recorder ("VTR") that selects data useful for generating images during trick playback operation and records the data in trick play tape segments arranged on a tape to form fast scan tracks and multi-speed playback tracks. Each fast scan track comprises trick play tape segments l ...

Phillips Steven L, Holscher Russell L, Lasnier Christopher D: Inhalation/exhalation respiratory phase detection circuit.. Puritan Bennett, July 20, 1994: EP0606687-A2 (57 worldwide citation)

An apparatus (10) for controlling the pressure of a respiratory gas delivered to a patient includes a phase detection circuit (24) for determining the inhalation and exhalation phases of the patient's respiratory cycle. More particularly, a flow signal representative of the respiratory flow is compa ...

Malick Adrien, Feindt Hans H, Hahn Gerald D: Stabilized microspheres and methods of preparation.. Becton Dickinson Co, July 20, 1994: EP0606613-A1 (46 worldwide citation)

Stabilized microspherical particles having hydrophobic liquid cores prepared as oil-in-water microemulsions. The particles are stabilized by a surface layer comprising an amphiphilic compound and may be functionalized to allow covalent coupling of a ligand to the surface of the particle. When used a ...

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