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Compounds of formula I wherein R, R1, R2 and Ar are as defined in the description, have valuable pharmaceutical properties and are effective especially as matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors, for example for the treatment of arthritis. They are prepared in a manner known per se.

Wright David E: Peg hydrazone and peg oxime linkage forming reagents and protein derivatives thereof.. Ortho Pharma, July 13, 1994: EP0605963-A2 (171 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides methods and compounds for modifying polypeptides with PEG or other water-soluble organic polymers. Novel water-soluble polymer reagents are provided for. The water-soluble polymer reagents of the subject invention include hydrazine, hydrazine carboxylate, semicarbazide ...

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A stent (54) for insertion within a body passageway and radial expansion therein is provided. The stent (54) is capable of expanding from a first to a second diameter by the inelastic deformation of the material of which the stent is comprised. The stent comprises a hollow tube, open at both stent e ...

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The apparatus resolution of an image displayed on an image display system is increased without increasing the number of actual pixels which are arranged in horizontal rows and vertical columns and selectively energizable to display an image composed of a plurality of pixel patterns in alternate fiel ...

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A central processing unit (CPU) is provided and is coupled to a display for displaying graphic and other data in multiple overlapping windows. The CPU is further coupled to one or more input devices which permits a user to selectively position a cursor and input and manipulate data within each of th ...

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A high polymer resin material is configured into a shoe sole component having a plurality of inwardly extending indentations in one or both of the top and bottom members of the component. The indentations extend into the interval between the members and adjacent to the opposite member to provide sup ...

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The use of chelating bisphenoxide and binaphtoxide titanium and zirconium compounds as homogeneous catalysts in the polymerization and oligomerization of unsaturated hydrocarbons, in particular the polymerizations of olefinically unsaturated compounds and the cyclic trimerization of terminal acetyle ...

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A tri-focal diffractive lens defining three foci, for viewing a band of light having a representative wavelength of lambda , including a diffractive surface having a number of optical heights, ho, wherein the difference between the highest and the lowest optical heights is, modulo lambda , substanti ...

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A steerable electrocardial catheter comprises an elongated flexible shaft and a flexible tip assembly connected to the distal end of the shaft. The tip assembly comprises a distal section and a proximal section coaxial with the shaft, the stiffness and length of the distal and proximal sections bein ...

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A synchronous LSI memory device, comprises memory cell array sections (BK1, BK2) each having a plurality of memory cells; a timing generating section (CLOCK MASKED SECT) for generating a first basic signal (CPOR) synchronous with a clock signal (CLK) and masked according to the status of a control s ...