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A system for providing personal communication services (PCS) is described, wherein a subscriber can tailor the telephone service to provide communication mobility and incoming call management. Calls to a personal number assigned to the subscriber are routed to a PCS service node which will re-route ...

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Diseased portions of tissue lumens can be advantageously treated by the focal introduction of at least one therapeutic agent to the lumen at the diseased point. This can be accomplished by

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The process starts with a primary mask, which may be characterized as a pattern of parallel, photoresist strips having substantially vertical edges, each having a minimum feature width F, and being separated from neighboring strips by a minimum space width which is also approximately equal to F. Fro ...

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An object interface is disclosed that supports three modes of inter-object communication--message processing (store and forward), conversational communication, and remote procedure call. A service broker manages service requests from, and responsive services provided by, a plurality of clients and s ...

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Methods and apparatus for employing a communications system with actively connects communicating entities to mediate transactions. Disclosed are general methods and apparatus for mediating transactions, methods and apparatus permitting information from one transaction to be used in other transaction ...

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A method for the direct treatment towards the specific sites of a disease is disclosed. This method is based on the delivery of proteins by catheterization to discrete blood vessel segments using genetically modified or normal cells or other vector systems. Endothelial cells expressing recombinant t ...

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An improved laparoscopic technique for treating female urinary incontinence and devices for use therein. These devices include an urethral sound, a stapling device, and a staple saw. The sound is substantially L-shaped having a handle at one end and a probe tip at the opposite end. The probe tip has ...

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Pharmaceutically acceptable, non-immunogenic compositions are formed by covalently binding atelopeptide collagen to pharmaceutically pure, synthetic, hydrophilic polymers via specific types of chemical bonds to provide collagen/polymer conjugates. The atelopeptide collagen can be type I, type II or ...

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An automatic headlamp dimmer system for switching a vehicle's headlamps from high beam to low beam when lights from another vehicle are detected in front of the vehicle. To prevent spurious responses to reflected light from signs and other sources, the dimmer system includes a light detector which i ...

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The present invention is directed to a single lamina tissue paper having visually discernible, large scale patterns made during the drying step of the papermaking process. Particularly, the tissue is made on a blow through drying belt having a pattern of alternating knuckles and deflection conduits. ...