Earl D Morris, Rolen Miller, Michael J Dietz: Video gaming system with fixed pool of winning plays and global pool access. Infinational Technologies, Willian Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione, June 28, 1994: US05324035 (562 worldwide citation)

A gaming system is provided including a central game processor, a plurality of master processing units and a plurality of slave terminals operable by players to play the game. The central game processor communicates with the master processing units and supplies the various games available in the sys ...

Joseph H Schulman, Gerald E Loeb, John C Gord, Primoz Strojnik: Implantable microstimulator. Alfred E Mann Foundation For Scientific Research, Fitch Even Tabin & Flannery, June 28, 1994: US05324316 (458 worldwide citation)

An addressable, implantable microstimulator is substantially encapsulated within a hermetically-sealed housing inert to body fluids, and of a size and shape capable of implantation in a living body, by expulsion through a hypodermic needle. Power and information for operating the microstimulator is ...

Mir A Imran: Endocardial mapping and ablation system utilizing a separately controlled ablation catheter and method. Cardiac Pathways, Flehr Hohbach Test Albritton & Herbert, June 28, 1994: US05324284 (416 worldwide citation)

Endocardial mapping and ablation system for introduction into a chamber of a heart formed by a wall and having a passage leading thereto. The system is comprised of a catheter probe having a distal extremity. A plurality of electrodes are carried by the distal extremity for mapping the wall of the c ...

Howard C Welborn Jr, John A Ewen: Process and catalyst for polyolefin density and molecular weight control. Exxon Chemical Patents, Myron B Kurtzman, Charles M Cox, Ben C Cadenhead, June 28, 1994: US05324800 (409 worldwide citation)

Catalysts comprising (a) derivatives of mono, bi and tricyclopentadienyl coordination complexes with a transition metal and (b) and an alumoxane are employed in a process of producing polyolefins of controlled molecular weight.

Jon T Fitch, Papu Maniar, Keith E Witek, Jerry Gelatos, Reza Moazzami, Sergio A Ajuria: Method of forming a semiconductor structure having an air region. Motorola, Keith E Witek, June 28, 1994: US05324683 (384 worldwide citation)

A method for forming an air region or an air bridge overlying a base layer (12). Air regions (20a, 20b, 28a, and 48) are formed overlying the base layer (12) to provide for improved dielectric isolation of adjacent conductive layers, provide air-isolated conductive interconnects, and/or form many ot ...

Bernard Strong, Robert Oringer: Combined lancet and multi-function cap and lancet injector for use therewith. AMG Medical, Henry R Lerner, June 28, 1994: US05324303 (353 worldwide citation)

A combined lancet and multi-function cap of the disposable type, for use in obtaining blood samples for diagnostic purposes. The lancet includes a needle with a sharp end and an elongated body of plastic material embedding the needle except for its sharp end. The multi-function cap is also made of p ...

James D Passafaro, Henry Nita, Robert J Siegel, Douglas H Gesswein: Angioplasty and ablative devices having onboard ultrasound components and devices and methods for utilizing ultrasound to treat or prevent vasopasm. Baxter International, Stetina & Brunda, June 28, 1994: US05324255 (342 worldwide citation)

A catheter device incorporating combined ultrasound ablation and balloon dilation components. The catheter device generally comprises an elongate catheter body having proximal and distal ends and an outer surface. Disposed on the outer surface of the catheter body is a dilation balloon. At least one ...

Erik E Rasmussen: Introduction catheter set for a collapsible self-expandable implant. William Cook Europe, Richard J Godlewski, June 28, 1994: US05324304 (315 worldwide citation)

An introduction catheter set for a collapsible, self-expandable implant of the type comprising a number of spring-biased anchoring legs, e.g. a filter for entrapping thrombi or emboli into a blood vessel of a patient comprises a flexible external guide sheath and a flexible internal catheter slidabl ...

Philip E Eggers: Hemostatic bi-polar electrosurgical cutting apparatus and methods of use. Hemostatic Surgery Corporation, Nicola A Pisano, June 28, 1994: US05324289 (315 worldwide citation)

A surgical instrument is described that incorporates bipolar electrodes on opposing shearing members for passing a high frequency current through the tissue for causing hemostasis of the tissue and for cutting the tissue. An electrically insulating material is interposed between the shearing members ...

Warren M Grill Jr, Graham H Creasey, David A Ksienski, Claude S Veraart, J Thomas Mortimer: Thin film implantable electrode and method of manufacture. Case Western Reserve University, Fay Sharpe Beall Fagan Minnich & McKee, June 28, 1994: US05324322 (312 worldwide citation)

A sheet (30) of polymeric material defines a cuff portion (A), a contact portion (B), and an interconnecting elongated lead portion (C). Using physical vapor deposition (PVD), chemical vapor deposition (CVD), or other thin film deposition techniques, a plurality of electrodes (12), contact pads (16) ...

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