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A semiconductor memory cell, or a semiconductor memory cell for ASICs, of the structure is provided which ensures stable transistor operation, which does not require a large-capacitance capacitor as required in conventional DRAMs, which ensures reliable reading and writing of information, that permi ...

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Sulfonamido heterocyclic thrombin inhibitors are provided which have the structure wherein G is including all stereoisomers thereof and salts thereof, wherein n is 0, l or 2 or 3; m is 0, l, 2 or 3; Y is NH or S; p is 0, l or 2, Q is a single bond or A is aryl, cycloalkyl, azacycloalkyl or azahetero ...

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A probe includes (1) a nucleotide sequence which has a segment complementary to the polynucleotide target and is capable of forming one or more imperfect hairpins with at least one of the hairpins including the segment or a part thereof; and (2) at least one donor label moiety and at least one accep ...

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In order to make the programming of a telephone system, (for example an A.C.D. system), more user-friendly, a programming device provides the user with increased flexibility by enabling on-site programming. Script sets which define routing vectors are edited or manipulated using a high level languag ...

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A fruit machine is incorporated with a pinball game which is enabled when the reels (5) present certain winning symbol combinations. These reels may show through windows in the table (4) of the pinball game.

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Described is an apparatus (10) for producing an electomagnetically coupled planar plasma comprising a chamber (12) having a dielectric shield (18) in a wall (16) thereof and a planar coil (20) outside of said chamber (12) coupled to a radio frequency source (30), whereby a scavenger (26) for fluorin ...

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A method for preparing an acrylic polymer powder which is redispersible in water by atomizing an aqueous polymer dispersion containing a dispersing aid, the improvement which comprises employing an acrylic polymer containing 1-15 wt% olefinically unsaturated carboxylic acid comonomer and an effectiv ...

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Biocompatible medical implants from a high strength titanium alloy with low elastic modulus containing titanium, about 10-20 wt% or 35 to about 50 wt% niobium and up to 20 wt% zirconium. In particular, the titanium alloy has a modulus of elasticity closer to that of bone than other typically used me ...

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One characteristic of this invention is that to confirm presence of fluorescent molecules, locations and the number of the fluorescent molecules in a local area irradiated with excitation light are determined based on the number of fluorescence photons generated per unit period of time by the irradi ...

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The present invention relates to spherical solid catalyst components for the polymerization of olefins, comprising a titanium compound, supported on a magnesium halide, containing more than one Ti-halogen link and optionally containing groups different from halogen in an amount lower than 0.5 mole p ...