Charles Sperry
Alvin Charles Lavoie, Peter Reeves Sperry, Jen Chi Chen: Coating compositions incorporating composite polymer particles. Rohm And Haas Company, DONG JIAYANG, June 1, 1994: CN93114360

This invention relates to a non-aqueous coating composition and a method for reducing the drying time of a non-aqueous coating composition by incorporating composite polymer particles having a softer, insoluble first stage and a hard second stage.

Schug Martin, Rischke Burkhard: Disk-shaped implant for reinforcing adjacent vertebrae.. Squibb Bristol Myers Co, June 1, 1994: EP0599419-A2 (161 worldwide citation)

Disk-shaped implant (2) for reinforcing of adjacent vertebrae characterised in that the implant (2) has a disk shaped core (4) made of solid metal having an open-pored or open-celled metal structure (6) provided on the surfaces of the core (4). The advantage of the invention is that bone tissue is c ...

Slotboom Jan Willem, Woerlee Pierre Hermanus, Woltjer Reinout: Semiconductor device provided with a programmable element.. Koninkl Philips Electronics, June 1, 1994: EP0599388-A1 (124 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a semiconductor device with a programmable element. The programmable element comprises a doped semiconductor region (4) and a conductor region (6) which are separated from one another by at least a portion of an insulating layer (5). The conductor region (6) comprises a mate ...

Igarashi Ryo: Semiconductor memory cell with soi mosfet.. Ibm, June 1, 1994: EP0599506-A1 (123 worldwide citation)

A dynamic semiconductor memory cell 72 includes a trench 81 having an insulating film 74 that is used as a dielectric material of a memory capacitor, and a MOSFET 80 that is formed by a process including a step of transforming a polysilicon film 85 on the insulating film 74 into a single crystal. Th ...

Allen William J, Jessup George, Ahari Frederick F, Rabiner Robert A, Burbank John E Iii: Surgical purse string suturing instrument and method.. American Cyanamid Co, June 1, 1994: EP0598976-A2 (88 worldwide citation)

A purse string suturing instrument is provided for quickly and effectively forming a purse string suture in tubular tissue through relatively small cannulas placed in the body. The instrument includes a pair of elongated jaws (12,14), each having a row of spaced-apart uniform-size teeth (16,18). The ...

Lokhoff Gerardus Cornelis P, Dehery Yves Francois, Theile Guenther, Stoll Gerhard: Digital transmission system for transmitting an additional signal such as a surround signal.. Koninkl Philips Electronics, June 1, 1994: EP0599825-A2 (87 worldwide citation)

The invention enables an additional signal, such as a surround signal, to be transmitted together with a first and a second signal component, such that it can be retrieved upon reception.

Plowman Gregory D, Culouscou Jean Michel, Shoyab Mohammed: Her4, a human receptor tyrosine kinase of the epidermal growth factor receptor family.. Squibb Bristol Myers Co, June 1, 1994: EP0599274-A1 (72 worldwide citation)

The molecular cloning, expression, and biological characteristics of a novel receptor tyrosine kinase related to the epidermal growth factor receptor, termed HER4/p180 are described. A HER4 ligand capable of inducing cellular differentiation of breast cancer cells is also disclosed. In view of the e ...

Yamamoto Nobuko, Okamoto Tadashi, Tomida Yoshinori, Kawaguchi Masahiro, Makino Keisuke, Murakami Akira: Method for detection of nucleic acid and probe therefor.. Canon, June 1, 1994: EP0599337-A2 (71 worldwide citation)

A method for detecting a nucleic acid hybrid comprises steps of adding a nucleic acid probe into a sample solution containing a targeted nucleic acid, and detecting a double helical structure of a hybrid formed between the probe and the targeted nucleic acid, wherein the step for detecting the doubl ...

Falger Friedrich Dipl Ing: Cutting tool.. Plansee Tizit, June 1, 1994: EP0599393-A1 (63 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a cutting tool with integrated coolant supply. The basic tool body (1) has one or more centre-hole indexable inserts (2) which are fastened to the basic tool body by a fastening element (4) passing through the centre hole (3). To supply coolant to the cutting edges, one or m ...

Beyar Mordechai, Foux Amnon: Stapler device particularly useful in medical suturing.. Technion Res & Dev Foundation, June 1, 1994: EP0599772-A1 (61 worldwide citation)

A stapler device includes a manually grippable handle (4) containing a drive and a trigger to activate the drive mechanism, a barrel (10) fixed to the handle, a guide (12) for holding a staple (14) to be ejected and formed to accommodate a suture thread (20) fixed to the staple, and an ejector (16) ...