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An adapter for holding two fiber optic connectors in coaxial alignment. The connectors include a generally cylindrical ferrule having an axial bore and a ferrule holder having means for retaining the ferrule and a raised ridge located on its outer surface. The connector further includes a grip housi ...

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A device is used for precisely measuring an electrocardiographic wave and sphygmus. The device displays a number of sphygmus or the highest and lowest blood pressure on the basis of measured data. In the device, it is judged if an electrocardiographic wave signal generated from an electrocardiograph ...

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An infusion management and pumping system is disclosed. Infusion prescriptions are generated and monitored by a pharmacy management system. Labels for each infusion to be given to a patient are generated and printed in a bar code format. Each label contains data regarding a prescribed infusion progr ...

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A bilateral intra-aortic bypass graft and method and apparatus for repairing an abdominal aortic aneurysm includes two tubular grafts which are intraluminally delivered to the aorta and secured to the aorta by the expansion and deformation of two expandable and deformable tubular members.

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A method for storing and searching documents also useful in disambiguating word senses and a method for generating a dictionary of context vectors. The dictionary of context vectors provides a context vector for each word stem in the dictionary. A context vector is a fixed length list of component v ...

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A display panel is formed using a single crystal thin-film material that may be transferred to substrates for display fabrication. Pixel arrays form light valves or switches that can be fabricated with control electronics in the thin-film material prior to transfer. The resulting circuit panel is th ...

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A process suitable for operation at a mine site for recovering a hydrocarbon from a hydrocarbon bearing sand comprising the steps of mixing a chemical additive with a chemical composition and with a hydrocarbon bearing sand containing hydrocarbon and residual solids including clay, at a temperature ...

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A system for accurately locating a mobile cellular radio includes plural radio receivers, the position of each being precisely known, a satellite-based time source for providing the actual time of arrival of a radio signal at the plural radio receivers, and a device for removing multipath and cochan ...

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Systems and methods for optically determining the direction of an object, such as a pointer, relative to an imaging system, particularly systems where triangulation is employed to determine the location of a pointer within a generally planar viewing field, such as a touch screen. Rather than employi ...

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A dual mode electronic identification system using a tag which has a RF receiver and transmitter contained therein. In the first mode the tag responds to an interrogation signal by transmitting identification data to the interrogator. In the second mode the tag periodically transmits an identificati ...