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In an array of solid-state memory cells organized into rows and segmented columns and addressable by wordlines and bit lines, a memory cell within a segmented column is addressable by segment-select transistors which selectively connect the memory cell's pair of bit lines via conductive lines runnin ...

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The invention concerns a prosthesis for intervertebral discs designed to be substituted for fibrocartilaginous discs ensuring connection between the vertebrae of the spinal column and its instruments for implantation.

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An implantable cardiac monitor is arranged for detecting both arrhythmias and ischemia of the human heart. The monitor includes subcutaneous electrodes for establishing electrical contact with the heart and a sense amplifier coupled to each electrode for generating an electrocardiogram of a heart be ...

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An improved assembly for steering and orienting a functional element at the distal end of a catheter tube holds the functional element with its major axis aligned with the axis of the catheter tube for convenient steering to a tissue site. The mechanism can also pivot the functional element in respo ...

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A system and method for cardiac diagnosis and treatment inserts the distal end of a catheter into a heart chamber. The distal end of the catheter supports at least one electrode. The catheter has a fluid flow conduit extending through it. The conduit has a valve that prevents fluid flow from the hea ...

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A vascular stent includes at least one filament formed into a wave-like pattern, the filament being wound into a substantially spiral shape; and a device for connecting at least one end of the filament to slide on a another portion of the filament so as to form a hoop at each end of the spiral shape ...

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An endoscopic or laparoscopic surgical instrument having an internally disposed locking mechanism located within a barrel portion of a handle assembly. The instrument includes a handle assembly having a pivoting handle and a stationary handle, a barrel portion to which an elongated body assembly is ...

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Implant assemblies and methodologies provide immuno-protection for implanted allografts, xenografts, and isografts. The assemblies and methodologies establish a boundary between the host and the implanted cells. The boundary has a pore size, an ultimate strength, and a metabolic transit value that a ...

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A surgical instrument for performing cutting or gripping movements comprises a tube body (2) connected at its rear end with an end portion (1). The end portion is provided with a handle (4) including an actuating lever (5). At the front end of the tube body (2), are pivotable relative to each other ...

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A method is disclosed for controlling a plurality of host processors from either a single remote workstation or a plurality of remote workstations. The user interface and level of control at the remote workstation is identical to that which is available at the host processor operations console. Oper ...