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A stapler mechanism is described which contains a stapling assembly, and anvil assembly, firing means and knife means. These means are activated by a firing trigger. The anvil assembly is closed upon the stapling assembly by means of a closure trigger. The firing trigger is inoperable until the clos ...

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A game of chance and skill where a player, after making a wager, is dealt, face-up, a hand of five cards which is placed in a player-hand area (122). The player also receives a solitary card, which is dealt face down in a single-card area (124). The player then has a chance to improve the ranking of ...

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A process for the preparation of toner compositions which comprises generating an aqueous dispersion of toner fines, ionic surfactant and nonionic surfactant, adding thereto a counterionic surfactant with a polarity opposite to that of said ionic surfactant, homogenizing and stirring said mixture, a ...

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A surgical instrument with a scissors-type handle mechanism is provided, with the handle mechanism being characterized by first and second handle members and a toggle linkage coupled to the handle members adapted to lock the handle members in a closed position.

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A system and method for communicating information signals using spread spectrum communication techniques. PN sequences are constructed that provide orthogonality between the users so that mutual interference will be reduced, allowing higher capacity and better link performance. With orthogonal PN co ...

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An IGFET has differential crystallinity in offset regions near the source-channel and drain-channel boundaries. In one embodiment, an offset region with crystallinity different from that of an adjacent region is provided between the channel and at least one of the source and drain regions. An oxide ...

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A device and related method for coupling segments of an extended local area network (LAN) in such a way that message traffic employing inter-network protocols such as TCP/IP will be handled without the difficulties usually associated with bridges, and without the complexity and expense of full IP ro ...

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A method and apparatus for computer text retrieval which involves annotating at least selected text subdivisions, preferably with natural language questions, assertions or noun phrases. However, the annotations may also initially be generated in a structured form. Annotations are, if required, conve ...

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A method and apparatus is disclosed for extending the dynamic range of an electronic imaging system to permit the use of lower cost, lower resolution devices to digitize and process the analog image signal generated by an electronic image sensor. Multiple images captured at different exposure levels ...

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An apparatus for composing individualized sales presentations created by various data sources from customer profiles managed by organizational hierarchy matrixes directed by multiple operating programs. The apparatus provides the means for synergistically creating and displaying customized presentat ...